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  1. Your way should work, I have tried it that way and it works, but I prefer to use an air cannon to get rid of most of the moisture and then use my Graphene Detail Spray with a drying towel and a quick final buff with a real soft microfiber towel.
  2. So today I applied Adam's advanced Ceramic Coat. Took my time and have to say it was not that difficult to apply. The cooler temps in the mid 60's might have helped as it didn't flash very quickly. I am have removed it a little on the early side rather than late, but it seems to have left a really nice coat and shine. It took me around 4 hours to do the SUV, which includes all of the Glass and Plastic surfaces. I used just over 1/2 a bottle of ceramic coating. Still have to do the rims and the front grill on another day. Will say that everything in Adam's Kit was useful, but if I was to order again I would order a larger bottle of surface prep, I ran out before I got to the roof and the window. I did use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on the roof and windows. Want to thank al you that helped and encouraged me to try and do this. So far I would say it was a success. I was very careful with wiping and maybe wiped a little more than necessary, but I only had to redo one window, along with one high spot that I found.
  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence Guz. I will take my time and be sure to level and wipe off really well. Also thanks for the link, as I will go through that again tonight before starting with the Coating.
  4. I was prepared to do the full paint correction deal, but the car's paint is surprisingly in very good shape and looks good with just the polish. Also this will be a daily driver so want it to look good, and have it easy to maintain. My idea of maintaining is hand wash (2-bucket) every week or two depending how dirty, then drying using Graphene Detail Spray.
  5. OK we're getting close to Applying the Graphene Advanced Ceramic coating. Here's what I've done so far to prepare 1-Gave the car a thorough wash 2-Used a Clay Bar on all of the glass and painted surfaces 3-Power polish all of the painted surfaces (Brand new car so will not do a full paint correction) 4-Hand polish all of the PPF that was just put on the vehicle a few days ago 5-Clean and wipe vehicle with Adam's surface prep. Am I missing anything or should I do something differently (will polish it tomorrow) Must admit I am a little nervous after reading some of the problems people have had with high spotting, I will leave myself lots of time to do the actual coating.
  6. Welcome to the forum, I guess I fall into that old category myself. Will be 65 next month. I think you will really like Adam's waterless wash, that is one of my favorites. I'm just about ready to tackle my first Graphene Ceramic coating this week.
  7. So would I apply the Graphene Advanced Ceramic Coating to the PPF also. Just got the car back and getting ready to tackle this project over the next week.
  8. Thanks Gus, will definitely be taking the wheels off. Just wasn't sure it was good to put on coating on Coated rims. Will also do the PPF after is put on next week.
  9. I am going to be putting Ceramic Coating on My new vehicle and have a couple of quick questions. 1-Should I apply the coating to the Coated Rims 2-Would I put the Coating on before getting the Plastic Protective Film put on the front of the vehicle. If I do put the ceramic on first I assume that I would have to let it cure before having the Plastic Protective Film put on. Thanks
  10. Dang you guys are scaring me. I just ordered a Graphene coating kit to do my new vehicle. Have to say the videos do not make it look all that difficult. Now I'm not sure I want to tackle that job. Did order the complete kit with the light. Should add that I will be anal about prepping the car first.
  11. Just to give a heads up I did contact Adam's today and they are sending out a replacement for my original. Glad to see they stand behind there products, but really happy to hear that it was not a common issue. Thanks all for your help.
  12. Thanks Daniel, that kind of reflects my thinking, I was just trying to see if this was an isolated incident or a little more common. Seems like I am the only one with the issue, all my products are stored in a cabinet in an attached heated garage with only one small window that faces north. I have been happy with all of the other Adam's products and accessories I have gotten so far. So I will give them a call again tomorrow.
  13. That could be very true in this case. I guess I am a little gun shy and frustrated with the problems I am having with the Graphene Detail Spray. I like the way it looks but have to wonder what it is has lost with the 3 ounces of separation that I had to skim off of the remaining 3/4 of a gallon.
  14. Have any of you used it on a car that has just had wax on it. I tried it on my Jeep and the Graphene Detail Spray left it feeling like an unwaxed car. It did not feel slick and smooth. When I strained out the white curdles I had about 3 ounces of it come out of the 3/4's of a gallon I had left. The Jeep did look nice and shiny but felt unfinished.
  15. OK I did contact Adam's Customer Support. They said I was having separation issue and that it shouldn't hurt the product. I am not sure about that as I have to strain off the product that has gelled or curded. So I am definitely loosing some of the product. It does seem to be working but I do not have a new bottle to compare it to. I really like using this product as a drying agent when was the vehicle, just not happy that I have 3/4 of a gallon to use up that is like this. I have been storing it in the basement since that was mentioned about the heat. I guess if it was a common problem others would have experienced it.
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