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  1. I am going to have to give the Graphene detail spray a try as a drying agent. I always fully dried the car first. I have used CS3 as a drying agent, so definitely want to try the Graphene Detail Spray
  2. Thanks for all of the replies, that's what l like about this site, a lot of great people willing to share and help.
  3. I have looked and read a lot about the rinseless wash and how well so many of you like it. Was curious if it would be a lot better to spray a light mist on the panels you are about to clean with the 2 bucket system and microfiber towel. I would think that prelubing the panel with a fine spray of 16-1 Rinseless wash should reduce chances of scratching the finish. Would appreciate you guys feed back.
  4. I know I've already said this, but will say it again, the more I use Waterless Wash the more I like it, used it last night to clean up jeep after it got caught in a rain storm yesterday at work. I had just washed and used CS3 on it the day before. Cleaned all of the dirt and watermarks perfectly, took 15 - 20 minutes to clean it up.
  5. Well you must have convinced me cause I just ordered Air Cannon Jr.πŸ˜‰
  6. Was curious how many of you are using Air Cannons or do you prefer to use the drying towels. I like the idea of the air cannon just not sure it's worth the investment. Thanks
  7. Ok got it in my cart for my next orderπŸ˜‰
  8. Good to hear about the bug droppings, how does it work on the bugs
  9. Yes I have and it was great for cleaning also, when it has a light coat of dust on it from sitting or from a cruise out about. Just like having that super spot free clean look. Works great for anything I have used it for so far.
  10. Have to admit the more I use the Waterless Wash the more I am liking it. Works great for a quick spot free dry after hand drying the vehicle. πŸ‘ Actually have to say I have been happy with all of the Adam's products I have tried so far.
  11. Just curious how long you would expect a foam pad (not microfiber pad) to last, when do a light paint correction on a vehicle. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, kind thought so but always good to hear from those with the experience. Will always be drying in the garage so shade's no problem.
  13. Was watching a video earlier where you guys used detail spray to help dry the vehicle. Was just wondering if you could use CS3 instead of the Detail Spray (Car has a ceramic coating) Thanks
  14. Tried it out yesterday and have to say it did clean up all the dust of off the car really nice. Left a nice shine to it.
  15. Thanks Guys, that's what I like about it here, is you can get answers quickly. Great tips for other uses also Ray.
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