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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, kind thought so but always good to hear from those with the experience. Will always be drying in the garage so shade's no problem.
  2. Was watching a video earlier where you guys used detail spray to help dry the vehicle. Was just wondering if you could use CS3 instead of the Detail Spray (Car has a ceramic coating) Thanks
  3. Tried it out yesterday and have to say it did clean up all the dust of off the car really nice. Left a nice shine to it.
  4. Thanks Guys, that's what I like about it here, is you can get answers quickly. Great tips for other uses also Ray.
  5. I have a gallon of Waterless Wash (not Waterless Ceramic Wash) Is it ok to use the waterless wash on a car with ceramic coating. Would like to use it up before I by any more.
  6. Thanks there was some really good info in there. I guess I'm gonna need to order some more towels. This site is getting costly. I thought I was pretty well set up, guess I till have a ways to go. 😀
  7. Thanks Ray, I will look into getting some more towels
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. Will post some pictures when the weather finally smartens up around here. Right now it's hanging out in the garage staying warm.
  9. I'm from Alberta, just purchased my fun car, after years of having to have trucks, I finally got to get a fun car (2020 Mustang GT Premium) Since I've always liked to have my vehicles looking nice and clean, I thought I would try and keep the Mustang at a level closer to showroom condition. Look forward to learning a lot of the trick to all of this.
  10. That is pretty much correct, I just ordered a gallon of both. From the sounds of it, if fairly dusty I'm better off with the CS3 unless very light coat of dust then could use the Graphene Detail Spray or the CS3. Hopefully I got this right.
  11. Thanks for all of the replies. I do have the Adams waterless wash (will probably use on my jeep and other uses), but I am wanting something that you can do a quick detail with after it has sat in the garage for a week or so. That would be after having done a real good cleaning. Always feels better when you head out for a drive with it super clean.
  12. Hi I just got my first vehicle with ceramic coating. i was jut wondering what would be a good product to do a quick clean and detail. I always wash outdoors and then finish inside the garage. Is it bet to jut towel dry or can you use something like ceramic boost or is there a spray for a quick finish,
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