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  1. I recently bought a mouse pad from the website and i got no tracking code not on email or not on text message do you guys know i can get the tracking information
  2. is there as stock company for adam polish so i can invest
  3. What towel do I use for the CS3
  4. what if i had like a empty gallon of liquid can i just return it back to adam polish
  5. SO the new foam 01 and seal o2 basically the better version of the car shampoo
  6. how many did Adam polish 29,99 limited edition mystery box did they had in stock
  7. father is day is coming up i was wondering if that Adam polish do gift wrapping
  8. I was planning to buy a new car and the car has a soft top cover jeep wrangler and I was wondering how do I clean my future jeep wrangler with a soft top
  9. so like guys and girls when I'm washing my car do I clean the wheels and tires first or do I clean the car first then clean the wheels and tires
  10. so like ceramic coating last longer and the wax and sealant is like temporarily?
  11. for the ceramic coating what its for? is it for the hot climate weather states?
  12. so like when the towel is dirty do I just wash it off in the bucket or do I just laundry it.
  13. for the graphene ceramics shampoo do I have to start with a regular car shampoo and then use the graphene ceramics shampoo?
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