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  1. Hey y'all, new to the forums here. Was doing research about starting a detailing business, but I think I'm siding with a side hustle instead. Looking for insight on laws/ regulations, insurance, or anything else for it to be just a side hustle and not get in trouble. I'm in Mid Michigan, I have always been ocd about my personal vehicles and also my old tow truck was never dirty. Set up a detailing shop at a dealership, just to have corporate turn it from a good for both of us, to a they save a ton and I barely get anything over my regular pay. So hopefully I can learn some things her
  2. Hello all. Just found through a search, so joined the site. As for a side hustle, can you get liability insurance even for family and friends without being a legit business? Like better safe than sorry, and being able to say you're insured?
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