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  1. Thanks for the responses. How do you more experienced detailers determine when it's time for another coat of GCSC?
  2. Thank you. Based on that, I think I’ll go with H2OGG every 3 washes and the GDS the rest of the time. And the traditional spray wax will take the summer off.
  3. This is a protection based question, not shine related. I live in Las Vegas and the brutal summer sun is only a couple of months away. I applied graphene ceramic spray 3-4 months ago and will reapply soon. I usually wash weekly and always use a spray wax or detail spray afterwards. I have a full arsenal of Adams products in my garage. For the best protection against the desert sun, which is the best product to apply after I wash my car? GDS (Graphene Detail Spray)? This is what I have been using lately, but will it help protect against the sun? H2OGG- Can I rotate this in every few washes? Spray wax? This is what I used weekly before I discovered the graphene products. Thanks for any advice.
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