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  1. That is what has been going on the 430i recently and I love the look.
  2. Always. While I didn't have any Adam's on hand, it was definitely conditioned and I should have a new Adam's bottle arriving shortly.
  3. I love this stuff. Both cars done today and have a nice almost amaretto scent to them. spray on, use brush to bring to a light foam and wipe off. So far there doesn’t appear to be any streaking, just a nice clean finish.
  4. Don’t mind the smudge on the back, a quick adjustment to remove license plates is all.
  5. Not new to being a detailing hobbyist or Adams products, but new to the forum and been out of my hobby for about a decade as careers take over. Been getting back into it and after taking a look around this forum, enjoyed what I saw. Happy to be here.
  6. I have been using this for about a month now and put it on everything. We have a C300 and 430i GC and both got a coat including wheels, windows, etc. Outdoor kitchen? Absolutely. Prep table, grills, the entire area. It is easy to work with, hard to screw up and the results are pretty fantastic.
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