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  1. Thanks RayS and BRZN for the suggestions. I'll start with the hand polish and then try a little brilliant glaze on top.
  2. Hi Everyone - I’ve been a longtime user of Adam’s products and just realized there is a forum! Anyway, I have a new car (Chevy Blazer) that has painted interior trim - it’s gloss black with a metallic flake to it. Right from the dealer upon delivery, it had some swirls and light scratches that are particularly visible in the sun. I tried using Meguiars Plastix, but no luck. I’ve never really polished interior plastic like this, so was looking for some advice on what would be safe to use to remove the swirls and fine scratches, but was afraid to use any of my exterior products as I didn’t want to make it worse. I have Revive Hand Polish and the older Adam’s 2 step polishes (Paint Correction and Paint Finishing). Would those work? Or should I try something totally different?
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