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  1. Oh duh doy, that's another good idea! and thanks, I'm glad to be here! 😀
  2. I just wanted to say hello and that I am thankful to be apart of this forum. I actually live about an hour from the Adam's in Thornton, been to some of his clinics, and overall enjoy most of Adam's products. Looking forward to reading posts and reading all the articles. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone. I recently purchased the Towel and Pad Revitalizer, and I must say it works amazing. I've never seen my microfiber towels and pads get so clean. However, I accidentally got some on my mirror while pre-spraying some towels and didn't wipe it off, so it dried. I'm afraid that it ate through the mirror or something as I can't seem to remove the water spots/staining on the mirror. So far I've tried an APC, Windex, trying to "reactivate it" by doing a test wipe with more revitalizer, and lastly a magic eraser. My next steps are to try a steam cleaner, water spot remover (I ordered a bottle, it'll be here soon), clay bar (lol), and maybe even polish but I doubt the mirror will hold up. Just wondering if there's any other tips out there. Thanks! Also, by no means am I complaining about the product, because getting it on the mirror and letting it dry was my own fault lol.
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