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  1. Ray, thanks! I thought the same thing. How long does it take for a bug guts to eat through the clear coat like that?
  2. I am an amateur detailer. My compound and polish with my DA polisher didn't affect the below spot. Instead of getting too aggressive on my Acura MDX, I stopped for more research. Do you know what causes flaws like these, how to treat them, and how to prevent more like it? I have probably half dozen spots like this on the front bumper. Was it rock chips, acidic bug guts left untreated by the previous owner, or what?
  3. I bought a gallon of the new cleaner. Curious if it should be diluted or not?
  4. Really appreciate the welcome and reference point. It's hard to know without a lot of experience.
  5. Hey new friends, My name is Mike. I live in Springfield, MO. I am new to Adams and detailing. Looking to up my game! I currently own a black Acura MDX and applied a ceramic coating last week. My first time. Prior to applying I did some light paint correction by using compound and polish with a polisher. I have since noticed that I didn't get all the scratches and paint dings out, although it's 100% better to my eye. Is it normal to not get every scratch out or should I have taking longer with the compounding phase? The whole job took me about 6 hours. - Mike
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