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  1. Nope. Nothing works as well without washing. Wheels.
  2. Check out the cs3 and other sprays like detail spray for some pop.
  3. Nope. It was smooth as butter before I even washed it, let alone before I used the polish.
  4. Thanks. Yeah if it's under the ceramic and clear coat; I'm screwed.
  5. So I've got a big Scratch on the rear of my professionally ceramic coated truck. I bought Adam's Scratch & Swirl Remover and tried it. But it didn't work. So I tried again with the orange hex grip and two microfiber towels. I tried two small drops, and 4 large drops. And several times, several different ways. And nothing seems to be working. What can I do to fix the scratches? See attached, it's not deep on the surface. I can't get it with a fingernail, it's almost smooth.
  6. Thanks. I didn't separate, but I think the gun is okay, just the cannon. I'll field strip the foam and separate pieces. Then soak them in the APC. Thanks.
  7. So I left soap in my foam cannon for over a month while we were out on vacation. And now it's clogged up beyond belief. It's definitely my fault and I probably need to completely disassemble it. But any suggestions on how to fix it? New parts? Clean it? Fix it, toss it out? New cannon? Any suggestions welcome.
  8. I start with the deep blue wheel cleaner. All over the wheels. Then a pressure washer and foam cannon to get the car shampoo and rinse. You're off to a good start though!
  9. I have the same problem with my asphalt drive way, we seal it every year but it still soaks up the blue wheel cleaner and leaves white stains. Spraying the driveway before helps, but since our driveway isn't perfectly straight; the pools of cleaner collect in spots. But I'll take a messy driveway in exchange for some clean wheels and cars.
  10. I used up the Graphene, and I don't have any Brilliant Glaze; however, now might be a good time to buy 1 get 1 for me! Definitely don't have a machine polisher, but that's next years wishlist item for sure!
  11. Yep, 100% I don't have any plastic razors; but I'll get some and try that. .
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