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  1. Maybe your foam is a bit too thick. Maybe adjust your dilution or your spray nozzles. They recommend like 2 drops in a full water foam cannon. I use like 3/4 water and 1/8 mega foam. My nozzles is around half way soap/water. And my fan pattern is kinda tight, not a straight line but maybe a 20 degree fan arc. Works for my entire Tahoe sized vehicles.
  2. Hi, first time here. I'm new, started washing my own cars during this "pandemic", and now I have some big toys and questions. What does everyone use first, second and last? I'm using the pressure washer and Adam's Portable Spotless Water Deionizer with the gun and premium foam cannon. But it's heavy and bulky to move all the equipment around. I've been using the soaps, and trying to find the best one and done, all in one. Maybe the ultra foam or the new graphene shampoo?
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