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  1. Thanks again, Phokus. My first wash will be simple pH neutral shampoo with no ceramic or graphene so that I could apply ceramic boost. However, just wanted to ask why you prefer graphene shampoo / graphene detail spray over silicon shampoo / ceramic topper sprays? Is the graphene spray bit better than ceramic one and suited to Adams UV graphene ceramic coating?
  2. Thanks Phokus! Well explained and your instructions were great. I did watch the above video (Infact several videos from Adams as well as detailers having their own YouTube channels). I think Adam not only market good products, but make sure they are high quality and user friendly. As far as the "thicker layer" issue - the car looks great. I have already spent 9 hours of the car now, and my family is bit concerned I am clingy to my car! So no DA polisher steps for now as you suggested, maybe later? I plan to wash the car after 10 days of application of UV Graphene Ceramic coat, using a pH neutral and no wax car soap. Then I will use the Adams ceramic boost after cleaning the car. This should make my car look more glossy. Adam's is my new favorite brand now..... PS> never seen any of my cars that I owned, looking so amazing. As days pass after initial application, the ceramic coat is settling well and looks better!
  3. Hi everyone, need some advice on a 9-hour DIY ceramic coating project with Adams UV graphene ceramic coating. I am a a complete novice when it comes to ceramic coating! I did research on Amazon on YouTube and found out Adams UV Graphene Ceramic coating is the best coating I could do as a beginner, so here is my experience and some questions... My Pearl White color Tesla Model Y had 'Car guys sealant wax' on which was beading water. So prepared the car with Adams strip wash (washed twice), Adams iron remover and a clay cloth. The car was always garage kept with sealant on and had no swirls or defects. Still went ahead with Meguiars M205 finishing polish with a white finishing pad using DA polisher. Used IPA- Adams surface prep after polishing and before ceramic coating. However this is where my lack of expertise created issues. 1. After applying ceramic coating, I was too nervous about leaving "high spots" so removed the coating just when the rainbow effect went away in "majority" of treated area. It is a very practical point that coating cannot be applied perfectly evenly, so while buffing away, there were some small points(a few millimeters out of a 3x3 foot treated area) which were not perfectly "dry" at time of buffing ... Hope that was okay? [Waiting for minute "wetter" points to dry would definitely cause high spots at the areas that would have been dry for a longer time...] 2. I mistakenly used plush towel instead of suede towel, this should not be an issue in my opinion 3. Since the car was pearl white in color, after the buffing, there was no good way to see a treated versus non-treated area even with UV light. At least I was having a very difficult time making out if there was a layer of ceramic immediately after the buffing was done, very difficult to see. Not sure if this meant that the coat I applied was way too thin or everything just buffed away? 4. As per point #3 above, I panicked that I would lose my day's effort. After 3 hours of initial coating, I used an extra bottle of purchased (same) ceramic coating to apply another layer and buffed it off with the suede towel that was provided. 5. About 18 hours later, I used the UV lamp and observed that there is an extra coating layer that appears thicker (see blue streaks in UV pictures attached)... Note that the car DOES have at least some layer whether thick or thin. When observed with a flashlight or in the sun, there are no high spots. Entire car is shining real nice! Without the UV lamp, there would be no way to tell that some areas have a thicker coating. (In some YouTube videos, I did see that even single treated coating layers are never "perfectly" evenly coated) Hope my effort was okay and I did not mess up? If I did anything wrong, what could be corrective steps? Thanks so much!
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