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  1. Hi All, Kinda general question on use of a detail spray like GDS as a drying aid... I have a drying towel that is fantastic. I dry an entire truck with it and it still seems to have room to dry another car...which is great. What I wonder about is whether this towel will just absorb everything including GDS as I drag it across each panel and leaving next to none of it on the surface of the car? Is it better (albeit more work) to first conpletely dry the vehicle then spray on GDS and us MFs to spread and remove? I like the idea of using GDS in the drying process but wondering if I am just wasting it with my drying towel? Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks @mc2hill good to know that the LPS / G&G works well for you because Florida conditions would be close to what I am in Still waxing right now...but gonna experiment with either LPS/GG...or maybe try the Graphene ceramic spray Thanks for yoyr feedback
  3. Hi Ray, Forgot to ask...when it comes time to re-apply the GSC after 1 year, or sooner, is it necessary to completely remove the old coating...will new GSC bond to a oartially remaing older GSC layer?
  4. Thanks for your advice Ray!...good to know ...like your suggestion of keeping track of what was done and when and with what product
  5. Hey Guys, Question for those of you that use Graphene Ceramic Spray for protection? Let's say you apply a new coat of ceramic spray (after all the required prep) and a month or two later, you get some new annoying light scratches/blemishes and don't want to wait till your next re-apolication of spray coating. Can the light scratches be spot corrected with say a micro DA polisher and new ceramic spray applied in just a spot? What do you guys do when this happens? Thanks! Phil
  6. Good advice!...yeah i always try to avoud the sun.. a bit hard for me...but really early in the morning i can usually get away with it..even if i am getting some "soft" early morning sun
  7. Thanks...yes from what you and others have suggested I might be able to do Graphene Ceramic Spray on a dry day outdoors if I decide to go for for Ceramic
  8. Hi All, New to Adam's and detailing...and just want to get some opinions as to whether the following two regimens would produce about the same level of protection from UV Rays and humid salt air, or if one is stronger than the other : 1) Buttery Wax once a month and Spray Wax as a topper/drying aid after weekly washing 2) LPS every 6 months and G&G every 3rd or 4th weekly wash Obviously the LPS is less work...but purely from a protection perspective (in my case sun, humidity) will these provide about the same protection? I realize many factors involved...and just as background: - i am retired and live in the Caribbean on an small island...sunny and humid most days...75F-90F year round...not much rain - 2 Daily Drivers...that live outdoors 7x24 - Red 4Runner (newly painted), New Granite Crystal Metallic painted Ram 1500 -Low mileage...maybe 60miles per week per vehicle all at speeds less than 50mph -live about 1/2 mile from ocean, hot sun 90% of days...lots of sand and dust and salty air....everything rusts very easuly -got lots of free time and I do enjoy washing and waxing.....time spent is not an issue for me -I love the deep rich look of wax but protection is more important for me - i have about a two hour window really early in the morning or before sunset for my outdoor washing when the sun is not full on...but usually do it early like 7-10am at the latest Really just trying to figure out if the advantage of LPS over waxing is just that it lasts longer and is less work...or is it really stronger protection from the elements where I live? Was thinking of trying both aporoaches, one with each vehicle, but thought I'd see what you guys think... The ceramic route seems like the best protection...but I think will be the hardest for me to implement and maintain given that its pretty hard to find shade for more than a couple hours at a time. Here its either full on sun...or its raining..rare to get a dry overcast day...enclosed garages are also rare here...not sure why lol...no real detailing shop or pro ceramic services Any thoughts appreciated...and sorry for the long post
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question.... Does anyone use Pump Saver in their Adams Pressure Washer periodically? Is it needed if I am using the washer once a week year round? I use it every few months in a gas pressure washer to keep it from corroding (high humidity,salt and rusting are real issues on the island I am on) the seals protected...but the gas washer only gets used maybe once every 3 months or so. Advice appreciated! Phil
  10. Spent three hours this morning washing and waxing my 2014 4Runner using my new Adam's Pressure Washer, Foam Cannon and Megafoam....works like a charm! Cant wait for the rest of my Adams stuff to arrive soon...
  11. Thanks ...hmmm I hadnt thought about a canopy and that would work for a day or two of work...or as you suggested find a clean garage to use. Will certainly follow the proper prep guidelines if I decide to do it. Thanks for your advice!
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