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  1. Hi Adam's! I have a beautiful, 2019 shiny red VW beetle that has been ceramic coated professionally! I love it!!!! I started using the regular Adam's car wash (blue bottle) and Ceramic Boost! Great products! However, I wanted to branch out a bit and try the Graphene Shampoo! Wow!!! I washed it in the sun (probably not the best) and dried it with my new Adam's plush towel and with the Ceramic Boost the shine was amazing!!!!!! Question.....What is better the Graphene Shampoo or the Wash + Coat??? for professional ceramic coatings? The graphene shampoo beaded up like crazy and waited nicely until I was able to dry it...not one water spot!!! Thank you Adam's for making quality products!!!! ps...I also bought the Wash + Coat!
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