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  1. Time to answer the questions above; ResJudicata- You assume I did no prep, I washed with foam cannon, then Iron remover, then rinsed again. Then Clayed the whole car top to bottom. Then used Sonex polish on all the painted surfaces. Then sprayed down with Adams prep spray I think its called. Then the next a.m. I prep sprayed again before I started with the Graghene doing sections like 3x3 at a time. Up down back and forth. RICH; Yes I did jump in to this. However I'm not 12 years old, I've kept cars spotless for years and only went with the ADAM's products as it looked the most long lasting. I watched many videos, many not just from Adams site, but from others. I like the Ceramic tech, but the videos make it appear to simply whip on, wait for a flash and whip off. This is not the case with this product, I can assure you. High spots are easy to remove, but this product is not for the regular joes out there who now want to coat there car. I'm now looking to redo the entire car again. Any one wishing to do this, BE AWARE- YOUR NOT GOING TO GET THE RESULTS SHOWN. My advice is pay the dealer, my truck was done with another product and looks amazing, or get a detailer to coat your new car. I'll try to paste a pic, several didn't come out but both door pillars look like this. Streaks all over doors, hood, glass. Really looks horrible. Sorry guys.
  2. So I got taken. Watched the videos, read the product descriptions, then purchased like $200 plus in Adams Graphene stuff. Now my brand new Audi Q5 looks like s**t. Windows are really bad, steaks all over the hood, doors, I mean WOW. TAKE MY ADVICE, if you have a nice car let the dealer detail it. DON'T use this stuff.
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