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  1. I hear what you are saying Mantis. But, I have been the person to detail all the cars in our family for the last 30 years. Not a pro, but I spend a lot of time researching and applying different products. I have never had an experience like this. I had the car absolutely pristine, bought their kit, followed all directions. Then used up a bunch of my premium towels, that are now trash. I just don't understand how the Adam's video for correction says you can just rub it off with a towel to level even after 1 hour. At 2 hours you can just apply some extra graphene coating and wipe it off. I couldn't get a fresh wipe in a 6"x 6" area to come off immediately with the towels... Applying more coating on top was also useless. Basically, what they said would take 4 hours in that video to need polishing was happening on my car, that had been sitting in the garage for days and cool to the touch, was happening in less than 5 seconds.
  2. Yeah. Tried a towel in that rating, as well as several others. I tried different flash times as well. At first I tried 1min 30 sec. Then 2 min and 2:30. Both worse. So tried 1 min. Better.. But then settled on 40 seconds during install in the garage. In that lighting, all looked good. Its when I pulled the car outside in the daylight that all the issues could be seen. Then I tried all the different towels. Tried less time. Even immediate, was flashing right away. I think they messed up the solvent completely in this batch.
  3. Did a full paint correction on my Jaguar XJ(black). Actually applied 3 stages of polish, as I was excited to lock it in for 7 years. Car looked beautiful. Waited until 2am, so the garage was a good temperature. I live in Las Vegas. Temperature was 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity was 25 percent. Did a full wipe down of the paint with the prep bottle that came with the kit. I had approximately 10 lights pointed at the car for application. I applied the graphene coating with the suede "sponge," waited 40 seconds, wiped with the provided chamois, and then wiped with the provided white towel. The car looked pretty good under the lights. I was afraid I might be missing something, so I buffed and buffed each section before moving on. At about 6am the sun came out. I pulled the car out, and there were high spots everywhere. I watched the Adam's video on how to fix high spots. I tried buffing with the towel.. I tried adding more coating and immediately wiping off. Nothing was working. Grabbed another premium towel to see if I could get it off with the coating. No luck. Out came the orbital again. So frustrated. I polished the drivers side again. Exhausted.. as it is about 9am at this point. Once I polished off the high spots, I took out the graphene coating again. Took out a new applicator, and applied the coating. This time I wiped it off immediately. Even with a brand new towel, I was getting high spots. I tried a 6" x 6" section and immediately wiped off. Still splotchy with high spots. I give up. I have never had this miserable of an experience with any car product before. Only thing I can think of, is that I got a bad batch. So frustrated that I used so many good towels, stayed up all night, tried everything I could think of, and my car looks worse than before. I was excited to do 2 cars with this product and lock in the finish, but I don't even think this bottle will finish this car with all the re-dos. If anyone can think of what to do, I am all ears. Edit: Just browsed the recent reviews. A review from September 7th seemed to be a person having a similar problem as me. I wish I realized after one panel. might be great but didnt work for me Matt on Sep 07, 2021 After doing a full detail to prep for this. I put it on 1 panel. Was waiting for it to flash (waiting for the rainbow to go away which said it would take a few minutes) After 10 minutes the rainbow was still there. Tried to wipe it away and it wouldnt move. I polished it off and tried again same thing even a few seconds after i applied it. Not sure if it was user error or the product was wonky but I had to end up bailing on the process and just went with a spray on wipe off version that has a much shorter life time.
  4. Thank you Guz. I will definitely make sure to wipe off whatever product I end up using. I appreciate the advice.
  5. Sorry to hear that Sam. That's terrible. Even more insulting that they leave the video up with misleading information, I assume for more sales. I appreciate the advice, but after seeing what Sam went through, I'm not getting the Adam's graphene coating anywhere near the vinyl/plastic surfaces. I think I'll look for a product specifically for those surfaces. As far as coating, not sure what to use now.
  6. So what has been the correction for this. I just purchased this graphene coating to do a brand new Volvo V90 wagon that has many of these "vinyl/plastic" type surfaces. Looks like I should purchase a different product. Is Adam's going to stay quiet about how to resolve the issue when it occurs? The video, that was pointed out over a year ago, is still on youtube and I watched it before finding this thread. It clearly still states to just leave it on the trim, no need to wipe off. Why is this video still up? Thankfully I found this thread before applying.
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