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  1. Only thing that comes to mind is a WW or RW, which would have to be done frequently and have towels specifically for wheel/tire use.
  2. A quality ceramic shouldn’t look that way after a rain storm, unless there was something else in the air or the car itself was filthy. That being said, any ceramic can have water spotting from rain.
  3. Welcome to the forum! I am personally a fan of owning a pressure washer (electric). They are not a 100% need, but if you have the budget they are nice to have and useful outside of detailing. The detailing use is the ability to safely remove more loose gunk prior to touching the car with your mitts. Tesla's have very soft paint so removing loose gunk that could causing marring is important. You have a good selection of products, I would add in adams wheel and tire cleaner as well as some very paint safe towels. As others have stated you can use graphene products over PPF just fine. For GCS3, less is more with application.
  4. Prep for taking it off and re-applying should be: 1. Strip Wash 2. Iron Spray 3. Clay 4. Prep - Includes correcting anything that may need it and surface prep. Only for paint work. For plastics you will just use something like Adam's eco all purpose cleaner and surface prep for the final bit 5. Re-apply your coating.
  5. Great looking photos of that GT350 R and love that garage. WW, RW, WW+RW, 2 bucket wash...they have their place in this world. A proper wash with correct technique will always be king.
  6. Welcome back to the world of detailing, can be a slippery slope lol.
  7. There have been some reports that GCS3 can streak, but there are many variables that can cause a product like that to streak outside of the product itself. No risk to trying it out, worse case scenario is you return it. Curious to read your feedback.
  8. Welcome to the forum nick!
  9. Welcome to the forum and great choice!
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