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  1. thanks everyone , looks like there is a bunch of great information and people here
  2. Before I add the graphene spray should do I have to clay the car since its will be brand new? How about polishing...i've never done either and not sure I'd feel comfortable using a polisher on a new car. but I want to give the spray the best chance to work well.
  3. Hi just joined...I 've got a Tesla model 3 on order and I have some questions...I know it has softer paint should I skip the power washer and just use a foam gun on a garden hose? I will be taking it straight for PPF on the whole front end and rocker panels. Can I just Graphene ceramic spray over the PPF? My plan is to just buy all the Graphene products..ie the shampoo, GCS3, and Tire dressing. Will that cover the basics? I've never actually washed a car and need to keep it simple. thanks everyone Jeremy
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