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  1. Thanks gents. I'm around, just super busy with work and the kiddos.
  2. TorRed Dodge Charger R/T Premium: I was really just looking for a bigger car as my kids get bigger, I couldn't pass up the deal they made on this '15 Charger. Dealer was desperate to get these 15's off the lot and I couldn't pass up the deal on this car. I didn't do a full blown write up on the detailing process as I just haven't had much time lately to document and write, but I gave it the Adam's full monty. Wash, Clay, Polish, Seal, Wax... Just wanted to share my new joy with everyone; here's the fruits of my labor:
  3. Sounds like a clog somewhere to me, give them a call. I'm sure they will either help you resolve the issue or possibly replace the unit if it's defective.
  4. a few years ago I laughed at electric cars, this p85d has me wishing I made more money.
  5. We'd also like for everyone to ship us some water here in Cali (preferably expensive water). We need it for the almond farms and the government lawns while us homeowners are expected to kill/remove our lawns. Instead of building desalination plants we are building a bullet train that no one will ever use! Gawd I love this state!
  6. I do get the clumps if I let it sit was well. I just skim it off the top and use the solution with a sifter. We ain't gots no water in Cali so I've been saving my rinseless solution. I generally save it about 2-3 weeks before I start a fresh one.
  7. You're probably good to go. The sealant may not last as long because it may not have fully bonded to the paint - but I doubt you'll see any negative effects.
  8. damage control (Yay this post is still alive!)
  9. My ST has been sealed in the past, because I used to drive it daily. Now that it's a garage queen, it pretty much just collects dust. I do a rinseless wash on it every other month, havent waxed it in over a year I think. I pretty much start it up and drive it around the block once a week, other than that it's not even much of a weekend car... As I'm sitting here thinking about it...
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