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  1. Maybe the local distributor went out of business that supplied the Chevy Dealer?
  2. Justin was there and yes my forum name is jnelson1118....what a great time, thank you Adam!
  3. McDuff and I have just arrived at the hotel, any word on Junkman or Lynn? Looking forward to dinner and of course tomorrow!
  4. Picture of the shirt, taken from my cell phone, so not to clear
  5. I will try to remember to take a picture of my shirt when i get home tonight and post it up for you all to see how great it is. One month away now and can not wait.
  6. I hope the Indians can turn it around after bringing Thome back home! We will see tonight he is supposedly going to bat clean-up for Hafner.
  7. Junkman, He did not make me walk anywhere and I am on the forums, THANKS again for taking the time to show Tom and I your technique! I will try it out soon! Justin
  8. Nice! But the one thing sticks out is one has the front license plate and the other doesn't
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