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  1. Chris@Adams's post in How long to wait before coating brand new car? was marked as the answer   
    Agreed, no need to wait go for it!
  2. Chris@Adams's post in Graphene or glass sealant? was marked as the answer   
    I vote for the Graphene Coating too.
  3. Chris@Adams's post in Spray Detail over Ceramic Paste Wax was marked as the answer   
    You could use DS for lite dusting and for heavier dust & dirt use WW.
  4. Chris@Adams's post in Cleaning Embroidered Logo on Lloyds mats was marked as the answer   
    CUC is what I would use, and I don't think that I would scrub the embroidery area  as much as I would dab with a MF Utility towel.
    You may want to try a inconspicuous spot to make sure that the red doesn't bleed to the white.
  5. Chris@Adams's post in glaze before sealant? (order of operations question) was marked as the answer   
    First off with new paint that's baked on you don't need to wait.
    As far as BG first or PS first, it comes down to a personal preference......
    I always apply BG under PS....it does not affect the longevity of your PS.
    I even take it a step farther I apply BG over my polish residue and wipe them both off with one swipe, I get the benefit of the BG and the polish residue wipes off easier.
    That being said if you feel strongly about applying your PS first by all means do it.
  6. Chris@Adams's post in Vinyl Stripe Management was marked as the answer   
    Here you go.
  7. Chris@Adams's post in Backing Plate was marked as the answer   
    Here's the new backing plate.
  8. Chris@Adams's post in Cleaning door jambs was marked as the answer   
    I use DS or WW with a older WW towel, every time I wash.......
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