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  1. Any tips/concerns with using this product on ventilated seats? Once the interior is treated, should other products be used after periodic cleaning (i.e. should Leather Conditioner be applied)? Thanks!
  2. Ah! Good catch and glad to see the instructions are correct on the website - here is the side of the bottle showing "Note:" with a colon even - glad I could get this sorted before using the product. Thanks!
  3. From the side of the bottle, Step 5 says the following: Use a second clean waffle weave towel after all sides on the first towel are fully soiled. Note: Using a clean, dry towel will cause this product to be streaky and not wipe away streak free. Slightly confused by the note - are we supposed to dampen a new towel before using it? Thought I read elsewhere that you are supposed to come behind the waffle weave with a clean microfiber towel to remove streaks - is that the proper procedure? Thanks!
  4. It is time to do another treatment on my convertible top - this is on a 2017 Chevy Camaro. Initially I used RaggTopp cleaner followed by RaggTopp fabric protectant. I've cleaned the top again using RaggTopp and am curious if I can use the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating or is there another option in the Adam's line that would be better? Does anyone have a link to the process of applying the protectant that I could review? Thanks!
  5. I know the CB 2.0 could be used as a drying agent - can the newest CB in the white bottle also be used the same way or is it only for dry applications? Thanks!
  6. I watched this on YouTube the other day and was a bit surprised at the content so I had some questions. In the video, Adam talks about using Wash & Wax, Detail Spray, and other products on a car that has a ceramic coat on it but I thought I had read in numerous other posts here that those products defeat the hydrophobic properties of the coating and you should only use Ceramic Boost on the coating. I hesitate to question an officially published video by the man himself but would at least like to point out the contradictions and get an official answer on how to best use the products. Thanks!
  7. Unless they are Ceramic Coating applicators - those you just use and dispose.
  8. Thanks for the feedback - will be attempting this over the Labor Day weekend! Will post back pics (if I don't screw it up).
  9. Of course not! The rag is just a prop!
  10. Searched the forum for this and keep coming up empty as well as can't find any videos yet specific to the trim coating product. I did the paint coating a few weeks back but for some reason I'm a bit squeamish about tackling the trim. Looking at the pic below is it safe to coat the area marked in yellow which is trim that sits outside the car near the windows and should I also coat the areas marked in orange which are actually inside the car when the top is up? Is it best to tape off any painted areas around these because I'm afraid that I'm going to get the coating on areas other than the trim? And lastly, what's the easiest way to do the trim at the base of the windshield - should I remove the windshield wipers and leave the trim in place while taping off the glass? Thanks!
  11. Took my car in for a quick service on Monday and saw this beauty in the showroom. Was even more pleased to see a bottle of Adam's Detail spray inside!
  12. As promised, here are some photos that I took today - really happy with the coating. ?
  13. LinPark

    First Ceramic Coating

    Pictures taken after first application of Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating
  14. Sorry, it rained on the car before I could get any pics - will do a wash and post back shortly - after the wash, do folks use the Ceramic Boost when drying or is that something only applied to a dry surface?
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