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  1. So, DD outside a lot of the time and see all 4 seasons. So, whether you wax, paint sealant, graphene coat what would be best for prep before adding a topper. What I'm thinking is while you should be doing a contact wash and possible foam is this enough before rubbing paint for topper such as CS3/ceramic boost, graphene detail spray. Yes, two of them have added ability to allow "particles" to be trapped, but should you fine clay or mitt with the later possibly marring? OR Because its a daily, just give it a careful wash, and give er and get any issues on the next polish cycle in spring? Does the question make sense I hope?
  2. Thanks for replies guys. PS, H2o this round in the next month is what I'll try. The other white fit may get the GSC for comparison.
  3. Now there is a great looking ride and its great looking home, the hell with photographer not being able to take a photo. It all comes through loud and clear here.😃
  4. Yes agreed, I'm going the Graphene line moving forward. But I will have to ask, I see you and Freelance or falconeer used Paint sealant and H2o on white. Is this still the best for white or is the graphene a better step yet in terms of gloss?
  5. Just completed my wife's little pumpkin Scion IQ, burnt orange color with Adams Graphene spray. Did the full meal deal. 1) remove rim caps and wash rims and caps as well as and tires. 2) rinse entire car 3) foam cannon car 4) two bucket wash 5) rinse 6) into garage, dry windows 7) start clay mitt process 😎 clean rubber and plastic trims with RTC and then prep 9) prep most of the car. Opps forgot drivers side, to late on we go.... 10) Graphene Coating spray a) easy on b) easy off, but you need very good lighting to see rainbow. I was able (I believe) to find the sweet spot on removal time as it seemed to work out! c) The gloss is just UNREAL FOLKS!!!!!!!! 11) did steel rims and hub caps as well. Wanting to get a little black back on steel rims. Some rust, but over it we went. 12) tire shine I can't say enough how well it turned out. I was so scattered brain at first as there is a little more to keep in mind when using this product from a prep stand point. Well worth it for sure. Photos, yes I know, but really they don't do any justice at all, and those who have used this product know the results are stellar usually!!
  6. What I've been doing with the "harsh" chemical spray nozzles, is submerging in sink with hot water and plumping all the chemical out bringing in water. This has worked for clogged up nozzles as well, the ones I forgot to do the "rinse out" after use.🤙
  7. Wow, that is one glossy outback. Good job on that one!
  8. Well then that's a no good. Almost 1/4 inch all around.
  9. Can I use 5.5 pads on this unit. I've been using 6.5 pad size.
  10. I would say you nailed it good! I've tried sanding 3 times, 2 strike outs (repaint) and One ok. It can be a crap shoot as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Too me, the main body doesn't look much smaller then the porter cable? Any side by sides out there.
  12. 12/15/2017 is Canadian having issues, keep getting a screen saying some about download this software?Has the site been hacked, anyone know?
  13. Have you looked at Show and Shine? Don is the owner and that's were I buy. He is near you in Tecumseh (spelling) great fellow to deal with!
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