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  1. The solution is to get an updated digital security certificate installed on the adamsforums domain. Nobody here can do that, so we've reached out to those who can. If you want a temporary "fix", you can try to visit the forum using https instead of http, and manually add a security exception when prompted by your browser. Although, clicking around the forum afterwards may revert you back to http, which will get annoying pretty quick.
  2. Hi Dan, I've sent you a private message about the likely cause and solution. Sorry for the delay - I didn't get a notification from being tagged in your post. I only saw this now after you messaged me.
  3. GerryC

    1988 Corvette

    1988 Corvette Z52 Coupe #19579 - Dark Red Metallic, Dark Saddle Leather - Every option except painted roof - Third owner, originally delivered to Palanker Chevrolet, West Babylon, NY - Completely restored interior & engine using 100% OEM, all original paint, custom straight pipes, 91,500 miles
  4. GerryC

    2006 Corvette

    Sold the '88 a couple years ago and picked up a 2006 3LT with ~16,300 miles on it.
  5. Hey all, The forum software was updated about a week ago to a few minor versions above what the existing theme was built around, so there will likely be some visual issues while we try to sort them out. Anything you come across, just let us know here, and we will do our best to address them. Screenshots help a ton. Thanks
  6. The login placeholder text will no longer mention email address:
  7. How does the Iron Remover differ from Wheel Cleaner for this purpose? Edit: found some clarification here:
  8. Thanks for reporting these but us forum admins don't have anything to do with the main website. I'll make sure the appropriate people know about these.
  9. Sorry it took so long to get to this - the red buttons across the top (except "Forum Home") should now open in a new tab.
  10. We had to unexpectedly change the domain's DNS servers yesterday, which takes a little while to propagate. During that time the forum was unusable, but it appears to have finished.
  11. As I said, the feature was removed from the software. It's not something we can just flip a switch to turn on - it doesn't exist anymore and has been replaced by the Followers system.
  12. The friends concept was removed from this version and replaced with followers. I believe this was done so members would have the ability to follow another member without that being automatically reciprocal.
  13. Seems to be working fine for me; looks like the stylesheet isn't loading for you. Is it just the settings page or all of the forum pages? Do you have an adblocker enabled? Does pressing CTRL + F5 (hard refresh) fix it?
  14. It seems this system has changed. Rather than converting the abbreviation to full text, it keeps the abbreviation but adds an html attribute (see the dotted underlines?) which allows you to hover over it and see the full text. Hover doesn't work on mobile, however, and I don't see a setting to revert to the previous behavior.
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