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  1. I have a group coming to the detail clinic from your Mini club! Thanks for recommending them! Our new shop is a bit closer to Glassboro!


    Just wanted to remind you of the upcoming clinic!



    We offer a discount Coupon to everyone who registers, so if you plan to attend, make sure to register!


  2. but see thats the point rich, the adams team shouldn't get overly sensitive when there is criticism over a product or when someone finds something better. If I was the adams team i would take that as "hey guys so and so found a product that seems to be working well" lets take this time to look at what we can make or improve on that is better then that product, but in the meantime lets let an open discussion so others can chime in and we get their opinions. I run a business and I LOVE when someone critisizes me or questions me on my products and methods, its the only way to build a better business I WISH i had a support group/free focus group like adams has that could critique me ...Nothing bad comes from it, only good. And i do understand about the annoying customers/people that are out to get some type of revenge, ive dealt with my share of those too. but 99.5% of my customers behave themselves, and im sure it would be the same percentage for adams. they just have more to deal with because they have more customers then I do. But to have a thread taken down almost instantly when someone ASKS about another product is just plain crazy, personally i would take that time to let others speak and sing praises about an adams product and why such and such a product from adams is better. so what if someone chimes in and says something works better for them, just because it works better for them doesnt mean it will work better for others or that individual. I wonder how many customers the forum team have turned away by someone just asking a simple question, especially someone that just joined asking if adams products are compatible with others, i have seen one too many threads taken down within minutes because someone simply asked the difference between megs/adams or can adams be used with other polishes etc... I know if I was replied "this is a forum that supports adams products only this thread will be closed" i would go somewhere else and never look back
  3. Thanks! yeah its a gnarly color. The stares it gets is awesome. He just ordered a CB radio/antenna so we can go wheeling and join the jeep club. I think hes going to get his bumper in a few weeks, following new tires Its so true about the saying Jeep = Just Empty Every Pocket
  4. WOW, seriously dude? please edit/delete your comment, thats really not cool.
  5. Yeah, that is probably one of the best written paragraph's I have ever read
  6. thats another good point tony, I have brought countless number of people to Adams and i know others have too. Its not just one person that your telling "if you dont like it you can go somewhere else" your telling 10-15 people that.
  7. See thats the thing, it was about 10 minutes in when i questioned his badge, i was still polite the whole time. When he walked up for the first time it was "hello officer, yes sir, no sir" Kept my hands on the wheel told him i was going to reach into the glove box to let him know that the paperwork was in there, told him everything i was going to do, told him i was reaching in my back right pocket to let him know my wallet with my license was there. I gave him absolutely NO excuse to act that way. I erned the respect i am deserved, especially with a cop that im doing everything by the text book. He just want having it. Complete and utter ***. im sick of it, it evidently doesn't make a difference at least with this guy, if they are going to treat me like a pos why should i respect them? i havent been pulled over many times in my life, maybe 5 times all for stupid reasons like tint or license plate, each time im polite and respectful it got me off with a warning ONCE the other times ended in tickets. My biggest run in with a cop i wasnt even driving, im not even going to go into that it was so stupid involved the last day of highschool and our seniors traditional waterbaloon/water gun fight. cop drew his gun on us. Ended in lawyers and his dis honorary discharge from the force. after that incident ive always looked at cops a different way, and this guy takes the cake. i
  8. I know its not Craft, BUT i have really been enjoying Dos Equis and Stella Artois lately
  9. R.I.P. Neal sad day in our nations history
  10. Dude, Gatlinburg ROCKS! my gpop had a condo there and every year my moms side of the family would come from all over to spend a week there, many great memories there. Its been 5 years since ive been, go into pigeon forge/sevierville. there are TONS of great things to do, just dont get caught in a tourist trap. I miss gatlinburg TONS of great hiking trails, its also a blast to rent some ATV's and go up the mountains. Tubing/white water rafting around there is a blast! What was a routine traffic stop turned into a one way pissing match of authority by this "cop" multiple tickets, verbal abuse total lack of respect. He went off the deep end when i asked for his badge number so I could call into the local police station to verify that he was a cop because myself or the people in the car couldnt believe he was a "real cop" Consistently walked away from me as i was talking to him etc etc. I mean it was bad, Literally screaming at me. to make matters worse it wasnt even my car, it was my dads And in return I sat there and still acted polite and treated him with respect and "took it" I dont want to go into to much detail as im not sure what will happen next, thinking about calling my lawyer and asking for advice, i want to post this video on youtube but want to get my lawyers opinion first. The reason i was stoped is because i was driving my dads car and he didnt have a front license plate, it just escalated from there. I have lost all respect for cops, ive had my share of cops in my life but NOTHING like this I posted about it on FB but left out alot of the major details of what went on. ill keep everyone posted.
  11. Got pulled over and harassed by an Arrogant POS cop. I have never dealt with such unprofessional behavior from a person that is "supposed to serve and protect" im sick of it and something has got to be done. Im sure there are a few good cops out there but lately im beginning to think there isnt anyone out there that goes into law enforcement to actually HELP the community anymore It was unbelievable, Fortunately it was in a public place and a few passerbuyers stoped to witness the harassment, got the names and numbers of those that stuck around, one person recorded the incident. I will be filing a formal complaint with the police department on Monday. Im sick of being nice and polite to these types of people..IM DONE!
  12. this is in direct correlation of the autoscrub thread, and after a few comments from the adams team has me really questioning...The final comment in that thread left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth, i really dont like how that thread or ANY thread regarding competitors products has/have been handled. Especially that one you guys have an incredible FREE focus group right here, I would think you guys would LOVE to watch and listen to these threads and let them run their course, only to be closed when name calling and the maturity level drops. IMO that thread had some great constructive criticism from more the a few forum members. Again this is my opinion, I do have a really bad taste in my mouth and I really dont like it. Ill continue to support a few of adams products and respect the rules but I do use other products that are far superior in there aspects Carry On
  13. Hey! we made it to 2,000 post's! keep it going guys/gals
  14. awesome job man, i LOVE that color...my brother is drooling over that bumper
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