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  1. Haven't posted in awhile but have been quietly using my Adam's stuff on my Camaro for 8 years. I get compliments all the time about the condition of the paint because people can't believe its a 2013. So good in fact, that when I replaced my IOM stripes with Hugger Orange stripes in July '20, you could barely see the lines of where the old vinyl was! My GTX is being delivered in April. I'd like to use Adam's products on it. My search results for "marine" and "salt water" were sub-optimal. Can I get a definitive answer to whether Adam's products are ok to use on gelcoat on a SeaDoo t
  2. So this is mega scary: We come back from vacation Saturday, and the car hasn't been washed in about 2 weeks. Has dust, some dirt, water stains on the windows from the sprinklers. I decide to wash the car Sunday (2 days ago). Sunday rolls around and my wife washes her car. I look at mine - it looks way too clean. I ask my wife if she washed my car also and she says she hosed it off. whoa! it looked really clean. then i check the rear quarter panels, which are like dirt and grime magnets on Camaros, even with mudflaps. I run my finger along each side - almost nothing! After the
  3. New for me, anyway: I still had older stuff (Americana, Buttery, etc). So I stripped down, did a paint correction, applied Liquid Sealant by hand. Following week I washed the car and used the HGG. Holy ****!!!! Not only is my car the shiniest its ever been, but nothing (NOTHING!) is sticking to it: no bugs, no dirt, no brid crap, no unidentifiable little boogers - NOTHING. Its amazing how shiny a white Camaro can be with Adams!
  4. I didn't read all 26 pages, so forgive me if someone else suggested this. It would be great to have some kind of dye to add to all of the light-colored products( like Americana wax or Buttery wax) when using them on white cars. Despite my best efforts, I always find a 1 inch patch of rock hard wax 1 aday or 2 later that I missed buffing out. Drives me insane.
  5. Is it me, or is this counter-intuitive? One product that cleans, and then does something else like puts a protective layer down on the thing it just cleaned? Logically, it would seem that the dirt you just picked up cleaning would be part of what you put down during the protecting. Ideas? Experiences? Random thoughts?
  6. ok - I'll try that. Was going to take some pix the other day, but its been raining since then....
  7. I tried this the first time this weekend. The rims came out very clean, but the tires were streaked. As they dried, they were streaked with big splotches of dark brown! I cleaned the rubber with Simple Green and a stiff brush, but it had no affect. The wheels are Camaro RS OEM (Pirellis on midnight silver painted rims). What happened?
  8. Very nice! NY plates, brown bushes and trees in background...Long Island? or Queens?
  9. Not for a league. Took my son bowling this past week and I haven't cleaned it in awhile. I used to wipe down with a cloth baby diaper that I kept in the bag, and I was thinking of using a microfiber towel; then I started wondering about Adam's. I may give it try and see how the tracking is...
  10. a lot of people polish their balls on a regular basis. umm ... you know... bowling balls.
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