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  1. What ever happened to Adam's Quick Sealant? It was great for wheels. Any chance of it making a come back?
  2. The Craftsman rubber hoses are great. Made in the USA and backed by a full lifetime warranty. Rapid Reel (from when they were made in the USA)
  3. Gave the truck the Adam's H20 Guard & Gloss treatment last night.
  4. Congratulations on the new ride. Best of luck with it.
  5. I went out and took some fresh pics after detailing the truck.
  6. Rest assured no beer went neglected. I have multiple koozies...
  7. So I was applying some Buttery Wax this afternoon in the garage. Typically as I go around the truck, I'll place a single soft microfiber towel on the vehicle and then set the bottle on the towel as I make my way around the truck waxing. I do this to keep the bottle from sliding and to protect the surface from scratching. Well I had the floor fan on high and every time that I'd pick up the bottle my towel would fly off. As I took a long gulp from my beer, it occurred to me to use a bottle koozie on the bottle of Buttery Wax. The neoprene koozie fit the 16oz bottle perfectly and kept the
  8. The house next to me is for sale. just saying. I need a neighbor like you.
  9. My father drove his truck through some road line paint and now the inside of the black plastic wheel wells are speckled with yellow paint. Any suggestions for removing this paint? He bought the truck new when he retired in 1998 and it stays inside most of the time and has never seen a winter. It's still like new with only 23K miles on the clock.
  10. Much better... now lose the bowtie on the tailgate.
  11. Thanks Dylan... figured as much. It sure was easy to apply but it was kinda weird working with the truck wet. Regardless, the truck came out looking great. I used about a 1/4 of the bottle on my truck and topped it off with a coat of Patriot.
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