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    Fort Lee, VA
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    Bikes, Detailing, Dogs.
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  1. Two months later, and I apologize, but hope you get what you need or have already gotten your answer. Just going off the first part of your question and comparing it to what Adam's has for each. I think of paint correction pads kind of light different sand paper grits. Cutting pad (blue and white)= remove deeper scratches/imperfection in the clear coat Compound pad (blue)= the less aggressive version of the cutting pad. removes swirls and light scratches in the clear coat. Polishing pad (white)= final polishing step as far as correction. removes marring from passes with the two above pads. Finishing pad (red)= used for applying sealant/wax/etc.
  2. Back in the swing of things after several years. Not new to detailing or Adam's at all, but just wanted to drop by and say hi. Hope everyone has a good week!
  3. UPDATED! PC w/ wrench and 4" pads w/ backing plate SOLD!
  4. Up for sale is some of my detailing accessories that I haven't or don't plan on using anymore. Each item is in great condition and still works perfectly. Willing to sell individually or as a bundle. You can message me here for more info or if you are interested. Willing to negotiate prices, but will not be ripped off. 1. Adam's Porter Cable Polishing Pads $13 ea. - 2 Orange Pads, 2 White Pads, and 1 Green Pad. - Still in wrappers that they came in. 2. Porter Cable Backing Plate $15 - Extra backing plate I have for the PC. Never been used.
  5. And when is this new product line coming out? I have heard nothing regarding a new line of polishes. And as for #2, is there a performance upgrade for the PC I don't know about? Lol. It even states in the video that the flex is the best tool for obtaining perfect. I've been using the PC for years now and it would take forever to get the paint lookin the way I want with it
  6. Welcome from a fellow SM! I have a buddy at Gordon. Bunch of people from Gordon over here in Jordan too.
  7. Bout to pull the trigger on one. Anyone want to buy a PC? lol
  8. It's been awhile since I've posted on here and I am ashamed lol. Just wanted to say I've done my fair share of correction with the PC, but could never get it to that "perfect" point that I want. I am making the transition from my Camaro as a DD to a show/garage queen/weekend cruiser and want to get it to the absolute best I can. There would always be a few fine scratches or swirls that just wouldn't come up after several passes with each pad on cars I've done in the past and on this car. I'm thinking the Flex may be the solution. I do realize it is an orbital and rotary buffer, but the thing is, is that I haven't really had hardly any time at all with any kind of rotary buffer and a little paranoid something might go wrong. I may just be over reacting, but for those who have used it often/just started, how was it? Is it as easy to use as the PC? Thanks guys.
  9. Hey all. Bout to start school and trying to get some help with choosing a platform for my laptop as well as programs to run with it. I am interested in Linux but not sure what distro to run. Ubuntu is an option as well as Mint, but not too familiar with them. My main focus is Linux due to the fact that alot of major/minor studios such as Dreamworks Animation uses this. Also looking to which would be good software programs to use with Linux for 3D animation/graphic design. I like Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Ubuntu Studio but interested in knowing if anyone on here prefers one to another. I have plenty of time to discuss/choose since I am still working on my Associates Degree but would like to get familiar with one system pretty well before I start getting into my actual major. I know each school will teach/run a different program but I'd like to be "fluent" on this certain one. Hope I can get some input. Thanks. Matt
  10. You have a sweet looking mustang! Lol
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