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  1. I have an older crevice tool I got with the ridgid vacuum that I tend to use for majority of my cleaning, but found a dust brush on Amazon for quickly vacuuming areas such as seats, vents, shifter area etc. Do you guys have any you like to use? Post them up, share the info!
  2. Car is a 2016, but we picked it up used in October 2018, so not sure what it's previous life was like, but this was the first legit time I had a chance to do it. Though I did put PPF over a bunch of areas, including the doors, and the worst areas that i kept getting contamination on where actually the front doors. I thought it might of needed the clay treatment to get rid of the stuff but clay wasnt touching it so i sprayed DWC again and the spots showed up. I feel like next time i do a detail on this car i will need a gallon of iron remover and spend like 2-3 hours do
  3. I made a post about shelf life in another topic but that wasn't the only issue I ran into when I was working on the car. I didn't have any iron remover, but I did have a whole brand new gallon of DWC. The problem I ran into, was that I just couldn't get neither the wheels nor the paint totally decontaminated. Take for example wheels: I'd spray, let the product sit, it'd start to change color, and then I use my brushes, microfiber towel, and rinse/clean from my bucket that also has soap in it. After they look clean, I rinsed. But then I sprayed t
  4. Got one of my cars all prepared for a detail, apc strip wash, dwc decon, clay, etc then came the polishing. I have a bunch of panels covered in ppf, most of the car actually, but contaminants and swirls/scratches can still occur so I went ahead and did one pass with the correcting and microfiber. Looked ok, so I moved onto actual paint. I started with the orange as it wasn't that pretty. Kept working and working and 2 or 3 passes later wasn't getting far, tried a pass with finishing (white) and it still was meh.... Then I remembered, shelf life, bought the
  5. Hello everyone, So I recently acquired some new wheels and figured it'd be the perfect opportunity to get them coated, seeing as fresh out the box is probably the cleanest they will ever be, all that went without a hitch. Impossible to see rainbow on satin wheels but kinda used time and judgement on removal. Anyway, onto the questions at hand. I'm trying to keep these wheels as black as they can be as long as I can, hence the coating in the first place. The one thing I did notice on previous satin wheels is that overtime, they just end up turning "gray", e
  6. I guess i can put my thoughts to rest about even trying it haha I had this feeling that this wouldn't be a preferred action.
  7. Not really, it's more of a curiosity thing really. I do it anyway. but I noticed after my last wash the water was barely dirty and it just got me thinking lol
  8. I wrote that thread while I was doing a million things at once away from the house so I think i might of made it seem like I spill out after each wash. I definitely do NOT do that. What I meant was, if say you finished washing all your cars throughout the weekend or day. If clean water bucket is not too dirty, do you simply spill it out, or keep it until the next weekend wash?
  9. So after my most recent wash, it got me thinking about something. I started adding more soap into my clean bucket to have a bit more 'lube' during my washes and have it glide better but this also means more product spent, faster depletion, more money spent, good for Adams, bad for me. I have a VW Golf R hatchback and Audi SQ5 SUV, and it's not often that I wash both at the same time, and it's also not that often that they are very dirty, so my clean bucket doesn't exactly get that dirty. After I would finish washing both, I would always spill out both buckets, and the next wash that woul
  10. Fair disclaimer that I take no responsibility if something goes wrong but when I had a matte gray motorcycle I washed it on the regular using car shampoo if it got really dirty. I've also used waterless wash made from rinseless wash without side effects, but a recommendation given to me in the past that I used quite often when it was just a light dusting and for regular maintenance was actually glass cleaner with a mf towel. I had no side effects of unwanted gloss of any kind when using any of those products. I did acquire a matte sealant from somewhere else and applied that to the bike at som
  11. Oh I know. Believe it or not, they held up when over the 2 year mark, as I definitely used them a bit from that time period, granted I'm sure they didnt work as-well and made my life harder but they worked nonetheless. I'm just posting for the sole purpose of sharing, and friendly discussion. Seeing as winter is coming, I'm doing a "winter clean-up" per-se, it just seriously sucks to have to throw-away almost brand new bottles, but it is what it is.
  12. I don't exactly remember when I first purchased the Adams products but I feel like it was 2010 if not earlier. I remember buying a whole bunch of different things ranging from car washing stuff to polishing, waxes, etc. I haven't done many details, primarily due to lack of time, among other things. Recently my wife and I picked up a [new to us] car which needed AT LEAST a clay, followed by some swirl removal, so I figured "ah finally!" I'll have to chance to use the products again..........that was shortly followed by disappointment. I luckily only had to do a few panels since I applied PP
  13. Guess I'll go real gentle and light on the spraying
  14. We picked up a new (to us) vehicle recently which has the Black Fine Nappa leather with Jet Gray contrast diamond stitching I've been searching around for proper care of said seats and saw mention of avoiding the stitching with the conditioner, which essentially means I can't condition the seats. Now the real question would be, is it still safe to use the leather and interior cleaner with a light wipe down? Using the brush might be too rough or you guys think it will be ok? Or would interior detailer be a better option? Thanks in advance. (ignore the
  15. For some reason, the post was not showing up in my feed. Seems like the general consensus is to use a bit more soap, I tend to fill up my buckets more because I 'loose' plenty of water during the wash process it seems. I don't let the water fall or anything but rather scrub scrub scrub, and then just toss it on the car, mitt picks up a lot of water and drops a whole bunch between the moment it leaves the bucket to the car. Not a big deal, just need to use more soap. While sure its great for the business, my wallet, not so much ?
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