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  1. I do a quick dry with the sidekick of the wheels and the few known spots that hold water, depending on which vehicle I'm doing...this is immediately after the sheet rinse. Take roughly 10 min on that. Then I'll just do a panel by panel using DS with a wrung out super plush 16x16 towel that had been soaking in the Rinseless. Damp towels work so much better than a dry towel...plus the towel spreads and finishes the DS spot free...requiring little to no dry buffing afterwords.
  2. Nope normal...I usually get carpal tunnel trying to squeeze it out
  3. They used to, I'm not sure if they are still on the site. If you want one we can trade or you can have mine for cheap. I haven't used it in years.
  4. Like Roger said just use the waterless wash to play it safe. I know nothing of Rain-X brand, but I would take a stab and say the M brand won't hurt sealant, the stuff is pretty durable. In so Cal it will last a while with the droughts you guys are in.
  5. Chris, what's up brother? For low profile tires, that thing looks huge. I always revert back to old glory for low profile tires, and I have every brush ever made. Works amazing.... I have them all....brush fettish much?
  6. Damn, that is a nice set-up man. Thanks.
  7. Dave what compressor do you run with it?
  8. Must be nice, I need to get something bigger. My little husky has trouble filling tires, haha.
  9. Tire Shine, VRT....don't waste product trying to clean them. One for VRT, One for shine. When finished, I just fold a paper towel over and blot them until the black diseappers on the towel and store them. After all, the product is meant to be somewhat durable, so why fight it. Wax/Polish applicator, a few spritz of any APC or dawn, a terry towel and bucket with clean water. Spray the pad face, work in and rinse in the bucket...use the terry towel to wipe away the polish, works great. 2nd what Jerome said, just let them soak for a bit in a bucket of water with a few OZ of APC and they will come clean. If you know your doing a full session, prep the bucket ahead of time and just throw them in as you go.
  10. I have no experience with that tool, mainly because the compressor needs are insane. You can check You Tube and the Autogeek forums however, there is a ton of information out there on that tool. Good luck, I always wanted to try one of those.
  11. Are you saying you used almost 32 oz of Wash and Wax to wash your vehicle? Definitely try what Jason said, then you can rule out your water or confirm. There is no way you should be using more than 4 oz of any soap for a wash, you will go broke. Heck, I use distilled for everything....you can even do a final sheet rinse with a gallon and not have to worry about spots.
  12. Yeah, hopefully I won't have too, but that looks like the direction I'm headed. I noticed that on their website they have a special two part coating to put on the lighter tiles to eliminate tire marks. Ticks me off because when I bought them they made no mention of this.
  13. So I need some suggestions, I have tried everything for these garage floor tiles. I have the tiles listed in the link here: http://locktileusa.com/whos-using-it/#residential I absolutely love them, except for the fact that the RS4's tires leave marks on them everytime I park following a drive that heats up the tires a bit. Here is a pic: From what I've read, it's more of a chemical reaction, than a stain that can be removed? I've tried, Adam's APC, 1Z W99, Rubber & Tire Cleaner, Goo Gone, Mineral Spirits, IPA, Goof Off, WD40, Simple Green, Citrus Degreaser....hmmmm, probably something I'm forgetting. Any suggestions at removing? Or am I looking for a complete redesign of the floor to incorporate all black on that side lol. Thanks, JB.....
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