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  1. As they say, timing is everything. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day paint correcting our new Corvette C8. My goal was to complete the paint correction, then in a week the Xpel would be applied and then I would apply Adams Ceramic Paint Coating. I have used the CC plenty of times before so I feel comfortable using the paint, trim and wheel coatings. While working on the paint correcting, I wanted to check on the use of an Adams product so went on their website and of course, there was the advertising of the new Graphene Ceramic Coating. I have read about this coating about a year ago and was very interested but never used it. Of course, as a good Adams customer, I ordered it. Can anyone who is familiar with graphene share their knowledge. Can it be used on top of the Xpel PP? What are the benefits of Adams Graphene vs. Adams Coatings? Is the graphene as good on the wheels as the Adams Wheel Ceramic coatings? Any info would be helpful since I now am planning to use the AGC on the new C8 Corvette. Thank you.
  2. I have ALL of Adams products going back 12-13 years. Colors get confusing when you are just throwing the bull.
  3. Distracted by a neighbor while applying. Just kept going and talking;
  4. I use the Adams Rubber and Mat liner cleaner. Much, much better than what WeatherTech sells for cleaning although I did go over to the dark side and bought my first non Adams products in over 13 years. I purchased WeatherTech's Mat and Liner Protection product. It works good and your shoes do not slip when feet are on the floor. Sorry Adam. I owe you a beer.
  5. I have did something similar, not once, not twice but three times with other Adams Products. I once All Purposed one of my older cars. Now that was a paint correction.
  6. Does anyone know if Adams will be restocking this seat? I don't want to buy from anyone else if possible.
  7. Sorry for the delay. I was told you can use ceramic trim over the black restorer as long as you wait a day or two after putting down the restorer.
  8. I take all my products indoors and store in the basement. The products I need to wash the vehicles when warm enough are stored in an Adams bags which I take out of the basement when washing and then back to the warmer basement.
  9. Can you use the ceramic trim coating over the new black restorer product?
  10. You won't be disappointed with the SK purchase. It is a great product.
  11. I used Adams Paint Coating along with the Wheel and Trim Coatings on our black Volvo. This was the first time using ceramic coatings. WOW. Amazing stuff and not hard at all to use. It is going to be tough to go back to wax or sealants. The only problem I have is why I waited so long to use it. The trim is also awesome. Now onto our new Corvette.
  12. Curious, I see a few diluting Rinseless with distilled water to make WW. What is the advantage of using the distilled water. Thanks.
  13. i used the new Swirl Killer snd Heavy Correcting Compound on my 2014 Jeep GC which has always been washed but never corrected or full detail. WOW what a difference. The grey color now looks wet and the silver flake now pops. I was concerned about using the HCC since the Jeep was not in bad shape but since it was never corrected I gave it a try. I did the correct thing. Thanks Adams for all the help.
  14. Sorry I may have not been clear. The ceramic boost I am referring to is the Adams product(s). Is it the same for the Paint Coating and Wheel Coating along with the Ceramic Boost stand alone product you can buy.
  15. Is the ceramic boost used for the ceramic wheel coating the same ceramic boost used for the paint coating and also the same as the stand alone ceramic boost product?
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