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  1. I was surprised to see the bristles fall out of my new Adam's lug nut brush, with only light-duty use a few times and stored to dry properly. Went back to using a good ol' wood handled parts cleaner brush with electrical tape wrapping the metal sheath.
  2. Usually means a big O, and smiles! And wow those local hotel prices are insane. The cabins where we stay are often booked and paid a year in advance but it's an enjoyable experience 4.5 miles from the fairgrounds. Maybe you can check it out for next year?
  3. They certainly should! I expect Ceramic Boost 2.0 is going to be the biggest seller though. Bring lots!
  4. Two weeks from today we'll be waking up in our Carlisle cabin and heading to the field. (I know, I should be in Cabin "C2" but whaddaygonnado?) Fingers crossed the weather is as perfect as it is here in Toronto right now. See y'all soon!
  5. Got our pass! Diggin the design. Now to find the "G" spot LOL!
  6. Yup! That first pic was 3 years ago (2015) when we celebrated our 50th in the anniversary display (my '65 and I actually match the same build/birth date & year.) Whatever the size, you gotta get up pretty damned early to get a shot in front of an empty Adam's tent! Jennie and I wet sanded and polished the car out starting at 4:30am. That pic was taken shortly after the sun came up. Was the start of a beautiful weekend, and it all began with an Adam's transformation!
  7. Jennie and I will be there Thursday through Sunday. Look forward to reuniting with all our happy Adam's friends (now that the grumpy ones are GONE! LOL) MAJOR BUMMER Adam's won't be able to staff and supply the carwash area again this year. It was another example of the true quality in Adams products and people, and it will be missed. Now that we know this wasn't an Adam's decision but rather one made by Carlisle Events, I'm sure many will comment about this to management (we certainly will, directly.) I mean WTF?!? Just goes against the essential spirit of any Corvette event, especially this one: care, camaraderie, fun and always improving! Regardless, we always have our Adam's travel kit stowed and frankly there's too many friends to catch up and enjoy time with to spend fussing over a silly car. It's always the people we return for! Last year we couldn't even bring our Corvette, so traveled instead with our stinky, runnin' rich ol' '75 Orange/White two-tone Silverado so we could do a substantial parts run for the 'Vette. Now our '65 is back together but sadly last Feb we had a fairly big wreck in the Ol 'Rado so now it's getting totally ground-up restored. Going to be a 100% perfect resto and looking forward to seeing it complete. So see y'all at the show, and at the party! Can't wait! After the party, this time we need to do the bike hill-climb races going UP! (ooh I'll likely lose but go down pukin' if I must!)
  8. Are you kidding? TURBO STICK RULEZ!!! With hardly any wear after 5 vehicles and 6 years I just opened a new one - and I use it with practically every wash. I mean what's the point to a clean outer wheel if you can still see all the crap inside? Depending on the wheel I'll bring a combination of wheel woolie, long, skinny bristle brush, lug nut cleaners, wrapped head parts cleaner brushes and shampoo mitts past their prime for body use... but I ALWAYS have the Turbo Stick ready to go. I still see people going to the unnecessary risk and trouble to take off their wheels just to clean them. Why bother? Zip zip zip with the Turbo stick around the wheel - 90 secs max and done.
  9. Feel the need, once again to congratulate Team Adams on this campaign. Excellent pictures, perfectly executed, from the heart. As a Dad of two now well grown 'n gone, I recall what Dads enjoy most are doing things together. Detailing, building up a car, working on the property - that's what Dad's call quality time. Being able to tackle something together and once complete turn back and say WE did that.
  10. Awesome! Get 'em dirty, have fun. Get 'em clean - still fun! Well done!
  11. Hey Chris - Happiest Beard Day wishes to you. May this become one of your best years yet!
  12. It is fun, but they can be a pest. A momma coon had a litter last week under my stairs where I also store my snow blower and mower. We tried to give her some peace, but now she's moved on with the brood, so I cleaned it all out today. Hopefully she'll return the favor and respect my boat, where another momma did a number on that a few years ago: Fortunately I was in the middle of replacing the interior, so it was mostly old stuff she tore up. How can you be pissed though when it's only nature and they're so damned cute? I now store it at a whole lot better place, and keep all the new bolster seats etc. inside.
  13. Yep Rich - You're correct in the trap is a possum. He was surprisingly very mellow as we transported him about 10 miles down the shoreline. We've watched a few very healthy looking coyotes cut through our backyard and last week a raccoon had a litter right next to my parking bay. We see plenty of wild critters here, yet we're just 10 minutes from downtown Toronto, pretty urban environment!
  14. All my old clays are relegated to glass-work only. On the body, Visco rules!
  15. I live on a lake where we have lots of critters. One of the worst are the minks. They've pulled ducks from the lake and into my tool room for dinner, and even climb up into my engine bay to store (cook?) their dinner for later. I've found a large dead rat on my ABS pump and even this small fish below, so yes smells can lead to surprise finds of the nasty cause - if you're lucky! I've live-trapped and relocated a few repeat hunters who would store their prey in my premises, but there's a lot of shoreline with a lot of minks so it's a process of eternal vigilance. We all have to share the space, but put something inside one of my cars and you're going on a trip!
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