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  1. I have not done a ceramic coating yet to compare, but Slick and Slide is the best of the non-stick products I've tried from Adam's. Both my cars are coated with it, dropped 2 towels before I realized how slick it was. I can barely get foam to sit on them from the normal foam gun (still need to try the cannon since coating).
  2. Slick and Slide is becoming one of my favorite products. I have gone over my Challenger twice now and the slickness is crazy, the foam would barely sit on the surface from the foam gun when I washed it. I have it layered over H2O G&G and that seems to work great, tight beads good panel clearing with pooling,
  3. My first thought is it may require wet sanding to nock down the high areas before attempting any polishing.
  4. I have a couple of these same towels from previous Mystery Boxes (might have been a trunk organizer one) and they seem like smaller Ultra Plush Drying towels. I'm not sure if it was an early name for the current Mini plush Drying Towel or not, but they look very similar to my Ultra Plush towels, just smaller. Should be safe on paint, but could be used to drying wheels, door jams, trunk sills (or whatever you call the area under the trunk lid that is not the opening that can hold water and schmutz). https://adamspolishes.com/collections/car-drying/products/adams-mini-plush-drying-to
  5. That looks great Rich! Love the bottle rack additions.
  6. Had one nasty scuff down the side from the parking lot at the wife's work, but this combo made short work of it...
  7. Polished the wife's 2018 Mustang Eco-Boost (Royal Crimson Metallic), strip washed, clayed (minimal contaminates), 1 pass of Correcting Polish with the 15mm Swirl Killer (so smooth compared to the old Porter Cable), did a pass of Finishing Polish over the roof and didn't see a big difference so I switched up to sealing with Paint Sealant. Took a bit longer than I hoped and wore me out, that swirl killer is smooth, but heavy bit of kit to wield all day.
  8. All in all it took around 2 hours. I haven't polished the paint yet, so I used Scotts shop towels to clean off the tar. I had tried a different product once before and after 20mins on the one of the sections behind the rear tire with almost no change. This stuff was like magic, spray it on, let it sit a 1 min, wipe and all but the thickest parts were gone. Another amazing product!
  9. Ok, Adam's Tar is amazing! The tar on the rockers just melted off, wiped off the paint with barely any work. I did resort to a medium soft brush to agitate the product on the plastic areas in the thickest parts. As far as I can see all of it came off, may look at doing another round if I spot more in the plastic.
  10. Thanks for the info Chris, just making sure it would be fine. Can't wait to see how well it works, will log some pics as I go.
  11. I get a slight residue if the soap dries on the surface, does not rinse off fully, but as mentioned above some detail spray during drying knocks it right off and has seemed to cause no adverse effects.
  12. I have old dried on road tar on my Challenger (used car, came with it installed). I have some of the Adam's Tar and it is my first choice, but much of the tar is on the lower textured plastic on the car and the instructions don't mention Tar's use on that type of surface. Does anyone have experience with Adam's Tar on exterior plastic or is that a bad idea? Hoping to work on it tomorrow so I can get the factory splash guards installed before we get ack into rain up here. Thanks for any help/ideas anyone has.
  13. Since it isn't right hand drive I'm guessing you Holdenized a Chevy SS? Looks great either way, would love to import a Maloo SS with a manual. Didn't get to wash today, but with the way the pollen is hitting out here both cars are tinted yellow/green (have to keep the windows closed as you drive off to not coat the interior).
  14. Gave the wife's Mustang (2018 Eco-Boost w/ 10-speed Auto) and My 2018 Challenger R/T (5.7L w/ 8-speed auto) quick washes
  15. Got our Hand sanitizer and Home Surface cleaner. Sanitizer is very liquid as mentioned, but unlike any other I've used it does not seem to be drying to your skin. The Home surface cleaner has a nice scent (maybe melon) hard to place, but I know I've smelled it before. It seems to clean well on the test patch I did on the counter.
  16. I could not go in there with my wallet, but if there are buckets to be had I'd have to hold the wife back. She bought 2 each of the white and black mystery buckets recently so we both got buckets. She is near as bad as I am. If I find myself in Colorado I will have to come by.
  17. Just got some of the soap in out mystery bucket orders, it is great, lathers amazing. Have some of the hand sanitizer and kitchen cleaner on the way since we can't hardly find any or the products to mix our own. This kind of work is why I will stay and Adam's customer forever.
  18. There is a minor risk with leaf blowers of them grabbing contamination out of the air and accelerating it into the paint. The Master Blaster and Sidekick have filters for this issue. I have a sidekick and it works great to get all the hiding water out of the nooks and crannies, even off the large panels if the protection is pretty fresh.
  19. Without some pictures it is hard to guess at the source of the problem, could be simple holograms as suggested above or could be as bad as clearcoat failure. Being a new truck that is not likely. It is possible that it is showing some sort of defect that is below in the finish, but with no mention of a repair possibly not. Could be wax built up, but I think that would likely be more uniform than spotty. My initial thought is holograms (like mc2chill) from being poorly polished at some point, possibly even while still on the dealer lot.
  20. You could possibly need a deeper clean of the rubber, not positive though as I have no run into this issue. Maybe try a good scrubbing and an application of VRT and see if that evens it out, then go back to the Tire Shine and maybe that will lay down without the blotchiness.
  21. Hard to tell in the pic exactly where this is, but it looks like VRT streaking across paint. Could be unpainted plastic too, either way I don't think you did anything wrong. I had a 2013 Explorer for a while and the lower plastic was bad for this, I believe due to a slight excess of product getting hung up along the top edge of the plastic. Only thing I could recommend is to knock any VRT or tire shine down with an edgeless grey after application to make sure there is no excess product.
  22. Really does read like Detail Spray instructions, but I still want some..... I have a problem...
  23. Not everyone here does it, but I am a fan of washing after polishing to get any polish residue off the surface. The residue could be the source of the haze, not that I see it in the pics, looks pretty good. Also if you are going to clay drying after washing isn't necessary.
  24. I normally wash after polishing, but as Roger mentioned you should at least do an IPA wipe down to remove the excess residue.
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