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  1. I ordered mine on 2/10/12. They were sold for $19.95.
  2. you can’t fully lift the wipers. On the service menu, toggle the wipers to service mode. That will bring them about half-way up the window. With them in that position you can get the lower part, take service mode off and finish the windshield. In case you haven’t used wiper service mode yet, you must turn the wipers off on the stalk first. PS so don’t try to pull the wipers to pivot away from the windshield, they don’t move more than an inch or so from the windshield.
  3. but it does come with a gallon of Mega Foam!
  4. I used Adam’s Glass Coating on my car and it didn’t affect my adaptive cruise or auto high beams at all. That said, Adaptive Cruise Control is radar based, so optical distortion doesn’t really come into play. The radar sensors can be blocked, but they aren’t in the windshield. The Auto High Beams are based on a camera, but like Shane said, it the area in front of the camera is clear, there isn’t a problem with the coating.
  5. Tim

    The two word game.

    oh the irony of this post.😁 Baker Mayfield
  6. while I just finished washing 2 of our cars 15 minutes ago, I have plenty to do. Both of my jobs are “essential“, but only one pays like it.😀
  7. In a first for me, I’m quoting myself! (Not to be confused with talking to myself 😁) I forwarded the info for bulk orders to purchasing. I think it would be nice to get Adam’s the business.(We have over 40,000 people working from home, but quite a few of our offices have people still going in.)
  8. Adam’s has been the only place I can find hand sanitizer for work. Thank you!
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