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  1. Welcome! This place is a trove of great advice. Search around, or ask for help... chances are you'll get some great ideas.
  2. Very much looking forward to trying this out. 😎
  3. Yes, the one to the left is a beast... it's a huge white oak, estimated to be about 150 years old. Thankfully it's in great health as it's about 15 feet from my house. We keep a close eye on it and get it trimmed out as needed. In fact, the big oak prevented the falling tree from taking out our porch, too. And fortunately there wasn't anything too valuable in the garage when the tree hit. It crushed a little sailing dinghy I had in there, but insurance covered the boat and a good portion of the rebuilding.
  4. Here's my old one after a tree fell on it in March. It was 12x20feet. And here's my new one, in progress... it is 20x24 feet.
  5. I thought I would come back and up the quality of the "Rich" moderators. 😁
  6. Divorced, restoring an old house, built a boat, remarried, got a dog, tying to travel a bit more... Life's just been getting in the way of my old detailing obsession!
  7. Gotta love it when -- like in real life -- your shop is bigger than your house. πŸ˜ƒ
  8. I remember doing that kind of thing, too, in my '79 Celica. The first few drives after that "detailing" weres "on full alert" driving adventure to make sure your hands didn't slip off the wheel, your feet off the pedals or your *** off the seat. lol
  9. When my buddy and I were about 15 we would regularly wash his mom's car (an Olds Firenza) with Spic N Span. [Drops Mic]
  10. Marylander

    Project Vega

    Can't wait to see more progress!
  11. Oh thank you! Glad to hear that some kids are still getting some arts education.
  12. Graphic Artist that gets to do some work for an amazing colorado-based car care product company.
  13. I'm pretty sure the term "the innocence of youth" stems from the existence of black cars. Go to a retirement community* and it's beige, white and silver as far as the eye can see... *Or Rich's garage
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