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  1. Love the SS396 cars. Had a friend with one. That thing would really move. He would never step on it. He babied it like vase of mothers day flowers.
  2. Free entry, no trophies, no concessions, no music, no live spectators. No raffles, Just pictures of what you would if you could. Post your pictures and what class you would enter it in. I will start with three entries. #1 1967 Corvette (class C2 Corvette) #2 1965 Buick Riviera, Class ( 60's Original) #3 1972 Yamaha 175 Class (Motorcycles)
  3. Just wondering if I got enough protection on this old girl?
  4. crowvet

    Bicycle Fab

    What do you do when you are going camping in 4 days, and your Grand daughters chain guard breaks? Build a new one out of a gutter of course.
  5. Yep, same thing with me, bought a brand new 1979 Suzuki GS750 E Sold it when it was 6 years old wit 2000 miles on it. Kids, house, ect
  6. Nice, was that a two stroke bike?
  7. Here is what I have been working on in my free time
  8. well, my lenses are glass with no coatings so I did it. Honestly it did not make much difference and the lenses do not feel much different while cleaning ect.
  9. The title pretty much asks the question. Kind of a silly question but ,has anyone tried ceramic sprays on their glasses? just curious, because of the results on chrome ect. I was thinking Hmmm. Don't want to do it if it would never come off or cause a problem?
  10. Here are my entries, hope you enjoy the show.
  11. Practicing social distancing with my Riviera. Original paint that needs redone. Decided until I can afford to repaint it, I would make it look as best as possible. Day 1 Buffed out with 1000 grit, day 2 buffed out with 3800 grit , day 3 waxed.... Results = shiny patina
  12. Put in some social isolation time on my 65 Riviera. Replaced the console veneers today.
  13. Worked on the interior of my latest addition. have a long way to go, but I,m gaining on it. Needs carpet kit, front seats redone, package tray replaced. Eventually a repaint. All original including the paint. I am the third owner. The paint looks better in pictures than it really is.
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