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  1. This was a brand new gallon of WTC 🙄 At least my tires are bare rubber again 🤦‍♂️
  2. Usually I ask them not to bother detailing my cars when I buy them, but this one was already molested when I showed up to test drive it 🙄 Somehow it even managed to spray inside the Jeep 🤬 I'm out of TRC and a whole bottle of APC didn't even get it all off the tires 🤮
  3. I just skipped it entirely, the damn thing's got almost as much black plastic as it does paint 🤣
  4. Gotta get the new ride cleaned up proper and need to know if I should avoid spraying Iron Remover on the hard top.
  5. zw470

    Food Thread

    How about a nice bowl of Texas Red?
  6. Mine always seems to thin out as the bottle nears the end but it doesn't seem to affect performance at all.
  7. I've been waiting for the Adam's version of this product for a long time, I can't wait to try it.
  8. Ok some of these are just straight up brown
  9. Old and dark blue? Sorry, it's my mother in law's and it's like a $1,500 POS
  10. Definitely wear gloves with the CSC, I got enough on my hands that water was beading on my skin aftewards
  11. Did you use an applicator for the CSC or did you spray directly onto the vehicle? I tried the latter and I found I was constantly having to go back and wipe up overspray.
  12. Technically this was washed and shined on saturday...
  13. Ok, I ran out of time before I had to leave for the airport so this is the only pic I have of the whole 4Runner.
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