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  1. I never win anything so I'm just doing this to improve the odds for everyone else. Merry Christmas!!!
  2. No worries. Just wanted to make sure you saw what I did.
  3. Looks like the icons have been fixed but now I'm getting a security message screen every time I open Adamsforums.com My browser is telling me it's not a secure site. More problems?
  4. Quote of the year: "No telling what the stripper will do to your tires."
  5. There's several of us having this issue. Can't the solution be shared here?
  6. Yep. Happening here, too. Both my Windows PC and Kindle are wacky.
  7. What do you have against Texas and California? Contrary to popular belief is dose rain here once in a while.
  8. I had problems last night, too. Couldn't find "Mark site read" on my mobile. It's here on my computer, though. I also had to tell it again to jump to the first unread message in a thread. Seems like something has been updated....
  9. I feel ya, brother. The Texas summers are brutal. It's still about 95 at sunset here. I've had much better luck getting up at sunrise for a full wash. I know it's not doable for everyone but if you can swing it it's a lot cooler. I always do a "pool rinse" and then pull my car into the garage. I then cover the entire car with detail spray and use a great white towel to dry. When I use H2O GG I work a section at a time - sprits of distilled water followed by a sprits of H2O GG. Rub it in with a wet towel and remove with a dry towel.
  10. Your plan and order of application is perfect. You'll be very happy.
  11. How 'bout those little hair-elastic things! My daughters cars are full of those stupid things. And French fries..... smh
  12. Stunning Vette, Dude!
  13. Besides that: If the ceramic coating can't keep a carefully applied indoor car cover from swirling up your paint then what's the point of a ceramic coating?
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