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  1. sorry man, not interested in those particular you have up for trade. I'd be more interested in waterless wash, interior detailer, towels, applicators, wash pads, tire shine or vrt.
  2. Hey all, I am looking to trade my basically full bottles of Severe Swirl Haze Remover, Swirl Haze Remover and Fine Machine Polish. They were each used maybe a couple times at most. I started using the newer Paint Correcting Polish, and Paint Finishing Polish and now will probably never use these. Let me know what you have if looking to trade.
  3. welcome aboard. That is a beautiful camaro
  4. welcome man! Car looks amazing
  5. just found my 16oz bottle cracked again. Second time now
  6. i'm wondering if anything in the Adams lineup can compare to Meguiars Ultimate Compound when used by hand? I always keep some off that stuff with me. Its works very well when used on a microfiber towel to remove small stuff like paint etching or very light superficial scratches or scuffs like under door handles for example.
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