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  1. I rarely come here anymore, too busy being a dealer, and on Instagram! Anyhow, I've been using the car products indoors for years! But yeah, it's cool having dedicated products, easier to get the non car people involved in the product line.
  2. b_pappy

    Project Vega

    Well, it won't be this Christmas, but we (he) are making progress, when the car lets us. The play in the rear end wasn't adjusting correctly. He took it apart and we found out some teeth on the posi unit were stripped. Not the ring or pinion. So, a new Auburn LSD unit is going in. I know, I need to get pictures off my phone, and over to photobucket. Will update here when I get a chance, but thanks for following and keeping tabs on it. I'm still happy with the shop and workmanship, so all good. Bruce
  3. Welcome Scott. Lots of great people and great info here.
  4. Similar results with my 2010 Silverado. But I persisted, and after about 3 coats it quit soaking in and looks great. So even though I had kept it well nourished with VRT all those years, it took several coats of the Trim Coating to work as advertised. It's great now, just wash & go. Keep layering.
  5. Well that bites, and could hurt dealer perceptions in general. I don't know who your dealer is, so I can't speak direct about them. I can tell you there are many of us dealers who strive to stay current with product, priced to be competitive, and knowledgeable about our line. You might try and call your dealer and ask about the pricing.
  6. Engine bay looks great, and yeah, I like those lights too.
  7. On my 7 year old Silverado it did take 2 or 3 coats to saturate and do it's job. Looks great nbow though.
  8. well now I have to wipe the coffee off my monitor. Everything I know about Russia I learned from watching Rocky & Bullwinkle :-)
  9. I would contact Cal-Fire. Phos-Chek can etch, they will likely reimburse you for detail. That said, it is better than having your house burn down. Curious, was it the DC-10 Tanker? That's our design, very proud to be part of the design team that did that.
  10. Jump in, and I doubt you will look back. I am a serious old school wax guy, in fact Patriot was fav. But, I like first hand knowledge of every product I sell, so I decided to do my DD truck, Called a detailer I know well just to help with application. The prep is key, and we knocked out a great detail on my truck, then applied the Paint Coating. I was blown away how easy it to use. Every time I look at my truck, or wash it I continue to be impressed. I went ahead and did my 2006 Road Glide Harley, and my 2000 Corvette, all using the same kit. Seriously, 2 cars and truck. The trim coating is
  11. I recently did my '10 Silverado trim. It did seem to absorb the first coat, applied a second coat and now I'm not afraid to show it as a demo. Work a smaller section till you figure out what's going on.
  12. Welcome to the forum Roger. Yes, you will always need more... Bruce
  13. b_pappy

    Project Vega

    Was by the shop yesterday, trying to keep Project Vega moving. He is confident it will be home by Christmas, 2017. He has to finish a 1st gen Camaro project first, plus keep the shop doors open. Christmas seems do-able though. Will post pics when we start back up on it. Bruce
  14. b_pappy

    Project Vega

    Sadly this project is dragging on, but we're still with it. Trying to get it wrapped up & running. I'm busy, and the shop is very busy. Thanks for asking. I'll get by next Friday and post up some pics. Bruce
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