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  1. just wanted to know if someone can tell me what the difference is between the actual clay itself. Visco vs fine grade clay. I know the visco comes with the geo impression tool , which helps remove Contaminants but is it the same clay? Thanks guys lmk
  2. Just thought id share my story I just wanna say im a long time customer of Adams products and they have always treated me with excellent customer service, but this weekend was by far the best i have ever had. i had purchased a Rupes polisher kit in 06/2016. it was a decent sized kit etc, have been using the polisher with other brand pads i have accumulated over the years with no issues. This past weekend i finally went to use the 2 Adams pads that i got in the kit (orange & white) well when i put them on the polisher i noticed they were way to big, long story short Adams had s
  3. have a half gallon of pumpkin detail spray. whoever wants it. buyer pays shipping
  4. thank you! yeah i usually use my 12ga 25ft but needed a little more distance and already have the 14ga 50ft. thank you
  5. So a 14ga 50ft is more then sufficient you're saying to run the rupes mk2 correct
  6. Well im currently using a Rupes 15MK II polisher with a 12Gauge 25ft cord never had an issuse before. I just wanted to know if it would be safe to use a 14Gauge 50ft cord? just dont want to hurt the polisher or anything like that. i need a little more length so i just wanted to know if the 14 ga will be fine or should i go buy a 12ga 50ft ?
  7. yes correct, you can switch out the backing plates easily, this has maybe been used 3-4 times max 2 were to apply wax. i feel its a good price including shipping with all the pads included, which a few are brand new in package. so if anyone wants to make an offer feel free and no i will not take $100
  8. Selling my Meguiars G110v2, only used a handful of times. nothing wrong with it. Comes with carry bag, extra motor brushes and all the pads you see here, some of these pads are brand new not even opened. need all this stuff gone ASKING $195 shipped to your door for everything you see here!!!!
  9. basiclly their older correction polish formula works very well
  10. i have an unopened brand new adams swirl and haze remover in 16oz that has been stored inside my house, if anyones intersted in trading for something let me know if not oh well. figured id try
  11. Looking to trade a few things which are all brand new adams paint correcting polish adams paint finsihing polish great white drying towel (orignal one) looking for H20 guard and gloss gallon
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