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  1. Looking forward to seeing the gang in Carlisle again! Remember the Corvette Customer Appreciation Party, on Friday night, just outside of Gate 3, on the front lawn of a few houses under a great big tent. This is our 15th year, celebrating and showing gratitude to our largest initial customer base! Chicken Parmigiana subs, pizzas, by our favorite Ristorante Marcellos! Also, soda, water, beer and wine, all just to THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I believe this is our 15th annual party, it starts at 5:45PM on Friday, August 23, 2019. Everyone is welcome, not only Corvette owners, just don't park in the street, use one of the local parking lots or houses that sell spaces for $10. The Carlisle Police swing by to make sure no cars are parked on Bryn Mawr Blvd during the show.
  2. Thanks Mike and each of you who responded to this thread. I absolutely care. This business is my baby. I lived on Top Ramen and canned tuna with ranch dressing in a 950 sq ft warehouse on the railroad track,s next to the 405 freeway for three years while starting this business. I'm not up to see Adam's be gimmicky, or low quality. Stand by, we will continue to develop and launch new, quality products, and I certainly hope to continue to earn your trust, and your business. Realize, I'm no longer the only person launching new products, and if I was, I'd have 5 hours of things to focus on for each hour of the day. Tough for a detailer with OCD and ADD to do! I've leaned on our entire team, as has our CEO, to bring excellent, high quality detailing products and accessories to the market. Forgot to include a photo of our young family, this one from last week in McCall, Idaho, heaven on earth. Celebrating my wife, Melissa's birthday. Towel wrapped Luca, 11, Cristiano, 9, and Enzo, 6 with a LaCroix on his head:
  3. Friends, thank you. Thank you for caring enough to post your thoughts, and taking time from your life to do so. Thank you for making your feelings known, and I can appreciate that you feel we have drifted from our core. Thank you for continuing to care about our company and brand, even though it's not the company and brand that you supported initially. The reality: I understand your point. We have become a much larger enterprise. At the same time, our customer base has changed as well. Over 60% of our customers are under 30 today! We have a fantastic marketing department that turns out limited edition promotional products and Adam's branded apparel. While I certainly appreciate the sales, it's not something I had in mind when we started. Nor would I ever have thought old or limited edition products would sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Never in a million years, and our marketing team has created tremendous brand equity, and demand. I started this business to offer great detailing chemicals, matched with premium application and removal tools, and easy to understand instructions. (Eventually, videos, to help the DIY enthusiast achieve incredible results at home, with ease.) Above all, I want our customers to be impressed with the quality, ease of use, and results achieved with everything that comes from Adam's. The reality: The promotional stuff sells, and the new majority of our customers are young. I now have partners, a bank expecting us to meet goals, etc. It's not just me and my small team, boot strapping to make payroll, and kick out a few new products each year. Adam's Polishes has grown exponentially, and as a result, it has changed. While the changes at Adam's are good for some, they are not appreciated by all. Especially the original customers, those who remember us small, with nearly all American made products. Those who have supported our brand for a decade or even two. As some of you are aware, our ownership group acquired our chemical manufacturer last year, and now have access to truly amazing chemistry. We have invested heavily in the business, updated the lab, and are now making products that are more advanced than the big players in our industry. Crazy enough, we now have 150 employees, plus another 25 part time show champions. While I'm humbled that we have established a much larger company, and are roughly 10X the size we were just a few years ago, I also miss the old days. I miss the days of taking our entire staff out to lunch daily. Miss indoor parking and a cross-fit gym at the HQ. I even miss the days of whacking payroll on a credit card, and living in my first warehouse. While those days were tough, doing whatever it took to survive was invigorating, exciting! It's hard to do things like that as a large company. You asked about DVK? Dylan VonKleist is incredible at identifying and developing new products. He knows detailing as well or possibly better than I do, and has his thumb on the pulse of the detailing community. He was instrumental in starting this very forum! I also miss Ashley Wilson. She worked with us since high school, with her fantastic dad, Mike, one of our original team members. Ashley was amazing with our resellers, and everyone she came in contact with. When we moved the business to Colorado, she was unable to move with us, understood. We had an outstanding controller, Patti. She started with us in 2009, and helped us get through many, many hurdles. Her positivity and influence on both me, and the staff was awesome! She eventually moved on to work with a non-profit, which helps children. Understood, and she is missed by all of our employees that knew her, and was replaced by a super capable CFO and eventually, an accounting team of five that are much needed to keep this enterprise afloat. Great people, certainly needed, but a big company team is different feel than a small few person team. Realize, those people who are gone have moved up, and as our business grew, we had to make changes. We are friendly with each person that moved on, no bridges were burned in the making of Adam's Polishes! I introduced Dylan to Cody, then the owner of Cyclo Tools, and he was hired there. Then, Cyclo was acquired by Rupes, which is how Dylan landed there. It was a good fit for him, the right move at the time. Truth: Dylan is one of the smartest, most OCD, focused detailers I've ever known. His focus on detailing products made our line better, and makes Rupes a better company today. We never replaced Dylan, and are still looking today. (If you know someone, please shoot me an email with a resume: Adam@AdamsPolishes.com.) Today: Our customer service team is awesome. Our marketing team, led by Matt Butcher, is amazing. Our chemicals are outstanding, and our ceramic program is world class. Our towels and accessories are very good as well. As I always say, "VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!" We are one of the only companies on earth that honors a 110% Satisfaction guarantee. Pleas, return any product you are dissatisfied with. Whining about products online doesn't solve a problem. Remember, you get 110% refund on products you are unimpressed with. Please, no whining, just contact us so we can make it right! I gave 200% to Adam's Polishes for decades. (Gave 200% to detailing for the previous two decades as well. Been detailing for nearly 40 years now!) Today, I've shifted priorities, to a family man, and business man. In that order. I used to come home after work and get on AdamsForums, and on other social media platforms. Today, when I'm home, I'm a Dad, and husband. Today, I don't always get to the HQ, rather, I travel all over for business. I'm on a plane at least 4X a week, and while my United Airlines status is rocking, my absence is noted at home. God has been incredibly good to me, and our business. I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to start and grow this business from zero. Blessed with an incredible and dedicated team. Blessed to have met my wife, and blessed with our three healthy children. Blessed to live and work in Colorado. Blessed to have incredible customers who care enough to report your feelings on our direction! Finally, I encourage everyone to VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! Focus on the high quality products that keep your car shining, and your shine therapy soothing. I'm still detailing something every week, sometimes daily. It's my therapy. It's always been my therapy. Detailing is how I unwind and find clarity in this complicated world. I'm here as the Chief Detailer, and Founder of Adam's Polishes. I'm not the CEO, not the marketing director, just the Chief Detailer. If you don't like a product, please, contact our customer service team, and we will make it right. (orders@adamspolishes.com, or 866-965-0400.) When I tune in to listen to people complain about our business, it certainly hits a nerve. If you have a product that has not impressed you, please contact us! Vote with your dollars, and you will see more products that you love from Adam's Polishes. Thank you very, very much for your loyalty, and for your business. Humbly, Adam
  4. Mreed

    I am new to this Forum. I enjoy watching your videos and watching you detail a car the right way. 

  5. Hi Bill, the Revive is indeed a polish, not much protection there. However, it cleans the paint and offers a significant gloss upgrade. I'd also suggest using the Buttery Wax, then, every few months, add a coat of Brilliant Glaze. Putting the Glaze right over the Wax won't net much more gloss or additional protection. Let's see the Vette!
  6. Friends: We started this shine-therapy forum over a decade ago! Time sure does fly....doesn't it? Thank you for being here, and participating in this shine-crazy community. Thank you for your business, and for voting for products you like and don't like with your dollars. Thank you for helping us create better solutions. Thank you for calling attention to areas or products we can improve. Thank you for helping us grow this business exponentially, I'm humbled beyond words! Please, SMILE while you type.... Thank you for not using this forum as a place to air negativity. Thank you for always being respectful of other members, and our employees. Thank you for using detailing, your therapist, or exercise, or meditation to work through your issues, when you feel like life is tough. Thank you for making AdamsForums a positive and pleasant place to hang out! In 2008, when we started this forum, we had 6 employees, and a few thousand customers. Today, we have 125 employees, and over 300,000 customers. One thing we have learned, for absolute certain: WE ARE NOT PERFECT! There was exactly one person who ever walked earth, who was perfect. We are not Him. We are not even close. If you are feeling perfect, like your finish is 100% swirl free, and never needs cleaning or polishing, if you feel like your poop doesn't stink, like you walk on water, and are comfortable coming here to blast members or the company who pays to maintain this community, please, don't. Need to get some negativity off your chest? Find a dirty or swirled up car to detail. Find a therapist, let out a primal scream, go for a run or hike, a mountain bike ride, go ski or snowboard if that's your winter kick, like it is mine! There are many ways people like to get negative energy out. Blasting other members, or this enthusiast forum sponsor probably won't help you turn your frown upside down. Please come, hang out, be kind, give and get detailing help, and understand: We want to earn your business, but more importantly, we want your kindness. Vote for the products you like with your dollars. Don't buy stuff you don't like, but please, don't bash them. If you cannot understand the marketing team's decision to bring on a particular product, you are probably not the target customer! I have never watched TV, don't buy soda or potato chips, and don't follow sports. Do I hang out bashing Coke, Ruffles, or slamming the Super Bowl? Absolutely not, it's just not worth the negative energy! (Plus, my kids, wife, and employees need me to be a positive influence.) So friends, I've instructed our incredible Forum Leadership Team to permanently remove AF members who regularly post negativity. Threads that are overrun with negativity are also going to be deleted, unless they offer detailing solutions or help to members searching. As the only AdamsForums sponsor, we want people to feel great about being here. Thanks for your business, and your smile, and here is my Primal Scream, after getting this off my chest!
  7. Hi Adam, I am having a problem contacting customer support via telephone from Canada can you please help me? 

    1. Mustangmark


      TheWolf has sent me the telephone number and I have left a message now thank you.

  8. That sounds crazy Tony! Not how we roll, typically....but...it sounds like we gave you some poor customer service. I apologize, and we typically offer a higher level of customer care. I've sent you an email. We can certainly make this right. Looks like your Flex backing plate disintegrated. In fact, we haven't carried that tool in years, and we don't carry backing plates. As for the leaky gallon of TID, and broken cap on the Ceramic Boost, certainly, we can make that right. However, the gallon is likely expired, judging by the label. I believe it's a 2012-2013 blend date? If it works for you, order this Flex backing plate from Amazon, and we will get you a $100 store credit to shop as you wish! https://www.amazon.com/Flex-452-661-FLEX/dp/B01N2IX434/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546576118&sr=8-5&keywords=flex+xc+3401+vrg+5.5+inch+backing+plate Sending you an email now....thanks Tony,
  9. Thanks ZMAN024. This is a true statement, quality of water changes soap performance substantially. Our house has harder water than our shop, and therefore, the suds are substantially different! As for quantity of soap, I typically use 2-3oz, as water spotting is an issue where we live/ work. (I also wash at least two cars at a time, so really, the soap used per car is in the 1-1.5oz/ car range. Our soaps neutralize the minerals in the water, and the extra $ in soap used makes my life easier. If your water isn't hard, and your need for suds is low, then use what works, by all means! I'm just grateful to earn your soap business, and certainly, using more is good for business, and the kids love it!
  10. I heard he evaporated in a crazy car crash...... Racing through the Swiss Alps in a LaFerrari, and launched off a cliff, doing well over 200 mph. He was racing a Bugatti Veyron, and winning, when he swerved to avoid a mud puddle, he didn't want to dirty the freshly detailed supercar.....the beautiful car took flight, and exploded into smithereens.....big insurance claim! Hahahahaha! Well, hello friends! Seems as our little business grows, the days are long, the travel frequent, and the downtime is fleeting. As our little family grows, my 'off time,' when I used to hang on the Forum, is now filled with soccer or basketball, homework, etc. ( The Forum is where I went to chill out, not so much to work.) Crazy to think, when we started Adam's Forums in 2008, we had 0 kids, 3 employees, and plenty of free time! Now, a decade later, were are blessed with 41 employees, 3 kids, and a pretty dang busy business. We now attend over 40 shows each year, and I see many of you around the country! It's good to be here on AF, and I feel our guys, Dan Tyger, Chris Toth, and Dan Wolf, are handling this forum responsibility well. I'm humbled to have you reading my words, and using our goods. ADD has the best of me, so I try to keep communication to a few mediums, emails, in person, and phone calls. If you want to connect with me on any matters that cannot be resolved here on AF: Adam@AdamsPolishes.com Office: 720-473-7100 Or, find me at the most of the shows scheduled on our Event Calendar! Thanks friends, and here is a snapshot of who I am hanging with at every possible second:
  11. Great feedback! There will be larger bottles very soon for professionals, and for people who just love to detail, and blow through lots of stuff. Stay tuned, and we are listening....and changing....
  12. Thanks Guys! Crazy enough, this is the busy time for us, and rest will come later....that's what January is for!
  13. Hi Friends! Site traffic is a bit north of the available server space........sorry! If you are kicked off/ or the site won't load immediately, give it a few.... I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your business!!
  14. Here is the rule of thumb on categorizing dealer-applied protection: "Added Dealer Markup!" Still, if you paid for it, and you don't get therapy polishing and sealing or waxing your truck, go for it!
  15. Hi Stephen, sorry for the loss, and on your new car, hopefully you stole it! From the pictures, looks like a poor color match, bad paint job, and a lack of sanding and buffing. Is the color a closer match in person than it appears in the photo? Notice the difference between the bumper and trunk? To have that sanded, re-shot, sanded, and buffed should cost about $1-$1.5K... You can sand the existing panel and buff it, however, the color match will require a re-shoot!
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