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  1. Hey everyone, been quite some time since I've indulged in the forums and much detailing to be honest. Recently traded in my wife's vehicle and got a new 2021 Hyundai Pallisade Limited with a nice dark metallic gray paint. Looking for some advice on the suggested process to get it all cleaned up from top to bottom. I do have some older supplies (car bars, detail spray, 1st gen ceramic, small swirl killer, FLEX polisher, etc). Looking for advice on the newest ways and products since I'm sure my older stuff is probably behind the curve of what's on the market now. I'd like to clay, polish, and ce
  2. Thanks a mil Adam. That’s exactly how I remember things back when I was hitting the detailing hard. I appreciate you making things right, it’s the reason I’ve always been a loyal customer.
  3. Funny I came across this post. I called Adam's today (and also sent a message via Instagram) and was told the same thing by both- my Flex that I purchased around 2012 was not covered under any warranty and they had no evidence of ever providing a lifetime warranty. Before I lost it on someone I reminded them that I'm pretty sure my Master Blaster and Flex were purchased during a period where lifetime warranties were offered on tools so I came here to confirm. Now my Flex has probably been used less than 10 times and I've spent probably in the area of $2000 or more over the years on Adam's prod
  4. Try FedEx, it's a whole lot cheaper most of the time.
  5. I don't even clean it. I set it upside down on a paper towel so all the VRT that's still in there stays in the applicator until the next time I use it. That way it might save me from having to use so much. Replace it when it gets torn.
  6. Thanks a lot guys for all the info. I never paid for that junk and it was never even suggested that I do because the sales manager is someone I know. I was just curious because they did have a little side sticker in addition to the window sticker that advertises the Perma Plate protection and warranty. I believe it was like $999 or something. Guess I feel bad for the suckers who buy this stuff. Gonna strip this badboy and let the "true blue" metallic paint get the face melting treatment. BTW Shine Doc, nice to have you back sir!
  7. Here's a video I found on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McMxftiLh_Y Seems like a lot of dealerships offer this product. I'm not saying I endorse it or whatever, just seeking info on it.
  8. I visited two different Jeep dealerships that were totally unrelated and not even in the same county. They both have the same thing with the Perma Plate being pre-installed when you buy the car. I didn't pay for the warranty on it because I'm not stupid and it's a 3 year lease, but I was just curious as to what it is and if I clay and correct the paint to remove the DIS would it have any kind of negative effects. If it's any good then I wouldn't want to remove it, but if it's junk then who cares if it comes off.
  9. Okay guys, I've tried searching and haven't come up with any useful info on this. My wife got a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee yesterday, and all their vehicles have the PermaPlate protection installed prior to being sold. This includes interior (leather) and exterior protection. I did not pay for this because they said they do it to all their vehicles, but if you pay then you get the protection of the warranty that comes with it, and if not you get no warranty. I visited two different dealerships and they both have the same plan. So...my question is...am I going to remove this PermaPlate by doing a
  10. I dont see how you can even compare a backpack blower to a MB. Sure, a backpack blower blows...but there are so many advantages to the MB. I use it to dry the dog after a bath. I use it to dry the boat after I wash it. I use it to blow out the drain line on my a/c in the house. I use it to dry the engine, rims, tires after a wash and before dressing. You can get in all the nooks and crannys with it, bend the hose around, and unless you're 7ft tall or standing on a ladder I don't know how you would dry the roof of a truck with a backpack blower. It's one of those things you will either spend th
  11. Mine had lasted several rainshowers and about a week of time. I'm impressed and hoping for the gallon refill soon before I place my next order.
  12. I love this stuff. Personally, I like the wet look without the sling. Only concern I have is my sprayer is weird. Not sure if it's supposed to be like that or if I got a defective sprayer. It doesn't spray a normal fan type of pattern. PS- If anybody doesn't want the rest of their spray I will gladly pay for you to ship it to me if you want to donate it.
  13. Looking at that contraption gave me a few ideas. Is there a way to rig up one using a scuba tank? You could go with a smaller tank than the standard larger one so it's not so heavy, maybe scale down the pressure a little to conserve a bit more air. Or...is there a way to make a device similar that would work with the Master Blaster? At least if it's electric it won't require refills like a scuba tank.
  14. I used this on my wife's car saturday. I applied it and it dried for about 4hrs or so. I sprayed and didn't knock it down. From what I could tell there wasn't any sling but I didn't look too close either. We hit a few patches of rain that night and the next day a good majority of the shine was still there. I'm happy with it. My only question is....is my sprayer screwed up or is it supposed to spray in a weird half fan type of pattern?
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