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  1. Last week I bought a bottle of Graphene Detail Spray from Canadian Tire here in Canada. Seems they are now selling some selected Adams products. The colour was dark grey almost black. I've just received a gallon that I ordered from the Adams Canadian distributor. The colour of the gallon is clear. I was going to start a new thread about the colour difference until I saw this thread. So I guess the gallon I received is old stock? By the way, the black coloured detail spray didn't stain my white drying towel.
  2. Perfect. Thanks for your help Chris, much appreciated. Now if you want to come and do the work for me....LOL.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply Chris. So the longer tube adjustable spray head is for the Ceramic Spray. The tube on that sprayer is 5 inches longer than the bottle of Ceramic Spray and the head is adjustable for a wide spray or a stream. I'm sure you would use the wide spray setting on it.
  4. Hi. I've just received some products from the Canadian distributor. 1 bottle of Ceramic Spray, 1 bottle of Surface Prep and 1 bottle Ceramic Boost. There are 3 sprayers with 2 being the same (no spray adjustment and shorter tubes) and the 3'rd having a longer tube and having adjustable spray head. Which sprayer is for which bottle or does it matter? Thanks in advance.
  5. Here in Canada with the snow and salt I take my vechicles in and get rustproofing sprayed on the undercarriage and in the doors, etc. every year. They spray the cars then take them outside and wash them as there is overspray all over. I always tell them no and do it myself after I get home. I just cringe watching them wash car after car with the same brush on a long pole. One time they did a muddy 4x4, then a nice late model Mustang next. My cars are a real mess after to clean up but worth it for the protection for the winter.
  6. Pictures of how bad it is would help but if they're small and not through the panel I would cover them with a couple of coats of nail polish and let dry. Then go ahead and polish around them as best as possible.
  7. I purchased 5 of the glass cleaning towels a couple weeks ago. Washed them twice and used them for the first time this morning after cleaning the interior. I had the same problem as Tim and was going to post just like he did asking what was wrong. Now I know.
  8. Welcome from another Canuk. Sounds like you're hooked
  9. Did someone make a change? Today I can finally login using firefox. Everything working fine now.
  10. I was finally able to sign in through the back door so to speak with firefox. I clicked the downloads button and there is an option there to sign in and that worked. Once signed in though, the sign out button is dead along with there is no drop down menu where my name is beside the sign out button. Both these buttons are dead. To sign out I had to open internet explorer and sign out....this is really frustrating.....
  11. Not for me, I still can't log in. Both the log in and register buttons on the top are dead. All other buttons are working through firefox. I still have to log in using internet explorer. I'm using the latest firefox with no-script and cookie monster but am allowing both to let Adam's through. Never had a problem until the upgrade.
  12. Quote: We are trying to recreate this issue. I have both browsers open and can open and navigate fine. We will continue to look at it and let you know what we find. The sign in at top of page still won't work for me with firefox. I've tried deleting and dropping another cookie but still won't work. The sign in/register buttons are both dead. You can't click on them with firefox
  13. Someone else also stated this. I can't sign in with Firefox at all. Had to use Internet Explorer. Can someone look at fixing this please.
  14. My Chrysler 300M doesn't have a cabin filter. I get the musty smell also when the AC first comes on.
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