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  1. Not only did I shake the bottle up, I just poured it from a brand new un opened gallon that I first completely shook before I opened it, so that’s not it either. like I said, regular detail spray, HGG, CS3, for me all do exactly as the label says, following the listed directions. For me ceramic boost and graphine detail spray do not work as advertised
  2. No pictures. Dark blue car, just imagine dark dots.
  3. Water has nothing to do with it. It was dried with master blaster
  4. Kind of my point. If you follow the directions on the label, you don’t get the advertised results. You have to come up with a method that works. I’m not a beginner, been doing this as a hobby for years, and when I was younger, worked as a paid detailer. I know there will be the fan boys that say it works just as advertised. Believe me, I’m a huge adam’s fan and 90% of my supplies are from adam’s, but this is concerning to me. from all that I have read, all the products having to do with ceramics have some issues in use
  5. Ok, graphine detail spray to aid when drying. Let me clarify. Master blaster all of the water off, mist panel with graphine detail spray, spread with ultimate drying towels, buff with single soft towel . I’m getting what I can best describe as dots, on the paint. If I work the area with a single soft with a lot of force, it buffs out. But a real pain. Before you ask, in the shade, cool paint, about 65 degrees, car is brand new. I use regular detail spray, same manner, no issues, use cs3, same manner no issues. And I tried misting, wetting, a little, or a lot and I got the same thing. many ideas? Similar to the struggles I have with ceramic boost. Until now, ceramic boost was my only problem product.
  6. Anybody??????? @falcaineer how did you make out with that explanation ?
  7. Just curious, is it soon yet? This shouldn't be this hard.
  8. Thank you. Is there anybody who has done this? I just would want to know if there are any downsides to doing it. Thanks again guys!!! Dave
  9. I tried to search but came up empty. I just got a 2019 Grizzly 700 SE in Tactical Black. Not full matte, more like a satin. My question is, I have a ton of ceramic trim coating left from my jeep and F150. It hasn't been ridden yet, and I'm thinking ceramic coating on all the underside and the top of the plastics would make cleaning a breeze. Just didn't know if it is a good idea. Please help. Thanks!! Dave
  10. To all Adams loyalists. In the start of this thread I was venting small frustration. I'm as busy as the next guy when it comes to the extra time to make a phone call. I used this forum to air my issue. I missed a call today from Colorado which I was certain was a telemarketer. After seeing there was a voicemail I listened to it. It was Dan calling in person to apologize for my troubles and offer a solution. I will be calling back, and when I do I will be placing a very good size order to replace some things, and try some new products. This customer service, and the performance of the products is exactly why I can spend my money anywhere, but only choose to spend it here. Well done Adams!!!!!
  11. Point missed. I bought the machine from you, with the understanding from the information on your site that you would support it. I don't want discontinued pads, I want the newest stuff you guys develop. If there is a plate I can buy, and you don't carry it, provide the information on this site where I can get it. If you make no money on the sale referring me elsewhere, so be it. You gain respect from a paying customer by saying, we sold you an expensive piece of equipment that you may have been able to buy cheaper from somebody else and we appreciate that. We no longer sell said polisher, but we value your business so we offer the part you need to buy to stay current with our pad development. Or, the piece you need is this which you can buy from XYZ company. It is not cost effective for us to carry the part needed, but we don't want you our valued customer to feel we sold you a 350.00 polisher and now your only option is pads we have left in inventory that don't perform as well as our newly developed stuff. Thats all I'm saying. Make a statement on the forum for your customers directing them how to proceed if they wish. Thats a good place to start. I am aware of the other companies that sell detailing products. I however choose to spend my money on Adams products because of the quality. There is plenty of room on the site and the fourms to offer a link to buy tools or adapters to make old polishers work with new pads if such things exist. Again thanks for all you do, and providing the quality that I love!!
  12. I need to make time. Seems they are avoiding responding for other members to be informed also. I finally found another few threads about this, and they didn't respond in there either. Here I am wanting to spend my money here, and I need to find the time to call. When I have the time and remember, they are closed. I'll get to it!!!
  13. Would've thought an Adams staff member would chime in here. I want to use the newest Adams pads, I don't want to try other companies. I also would like to make my purchases to make this work through Adams. If you are changing something, make the parts available from your site if they are out there to convert the machine you already paid for. Or, put out something new and force your customers to spend again. Oh well, I guess I'll have to call customer service. Thanks for the replies guys.
  14. I did a search and found nothing. I purchased a flex from Adams and was told they would always support it. I understand now the new pad system doesn't fit. Is this true, and what are my options? I don't want to use another company's system and I'm not replacing my Flex. Thanks in advance.
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