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  1. Not sure I understand the "problem." I suggest adding more water to the buckets.
  2. Aside from Eco All Purpose Cleaner, of which I'm not a fan, this mirrors my experience.
  3. I haven't found anything that works better than cleaning, polishing, and ceramic coating them. They still get dirty, but cleanup is quicker and easier.
  4. Given this clarification of your intended application, I recommend CS3 or Ceramic Waterless. Graphene Detail Spray and Ceramic Boost are less-than-optimal for this use. Agree with CS3, but don't think Graphene Detail Spray is a good option for the clarified application... "Unlike Adam's CS3, Graphene Detail Spray™ is designed to work best on a clean, freshly washed surface and is not intended to act as a type of waterless wash."
  5. I agree with Michael's assessment, that Wheel Cleaner is not required as often with coated wheels. (I rely on a spray bottle of dilluted Car Shampoo most of the time.) That said, I've had no problems using it AS DIRECTED on multiple sets of ceramic coated wheels. The answer to your question is, therefore, you CAN use it as needed.
  6. In addition to what Rich said and based on the title of this thread, I'd offer that I'm not a fan of original Detail Spray on top of ceramic. In my experience, it tends to leave a residue and streaks. I get better resutls with something designed for use with ceramic like Graphene Detail Spray, Ceramic Boost, CS3, etc.
  7. Dave and Rich are spot-on. As usual, stick with the least aggressive approach that yields the result you want. I haven't seen it produced in years but, if you can find it, Adam's Clear Polish (designed and formulated for vinyl wraps and PPF) works well.
  8. I've never had any problems polishing PPF, but I recommend sticking with the least aggressive approach that yields the result you want. I haven't seen it produced in years but, if you can find it, Adam's Clear Polish (designed and formulated for vinyl wraps and PPF) works well.
  9. I agree, Jimmy! I'm a big fan of Adam's and the detailing products for which he and his company are known - have been for many years. Understand the desire to grow, but not when it comes with diversification into (largely) unrelated areas/products. (I get that detailing products and lubricants are both used on/in motor vehicles, but...) IMO, this results in brand dilution. There was a time when I proudly used nearly every product Adam's sold, but those days are long gone. I can't keep-up with the constant flow of new/different stuff, especially when it's not for detailing. I'm loyal to
  10. Will I have to remove the wax before applying the Graphene Spray Coating? Yes. Coatings bond best to prepped (i.e., "naked") paint. Being nervous about applying ceramic, which is better or rather which product lasts longer, Adams wax or the Graphene? Graphene What are the steps I would need to take if were to apply the Graphene on a vehicle that had Buttery Wax applied about a month ago? Strip Wash and Surface Prep Do you have to use the Ceramic Coating first before you apply the Graphene Spray Coating? No. Graphene is applied directly t
  11. Swirl marks can usually be polished out. DA/Orbital polisher is the way to go. Adam's has everything you need at https://adamspolishes.com/collections/polishing-paint-correction-detailing, along with tutorial videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/Adamspolishes/videos, including one appropriate for your circumstance...
  12. Happy to help, Chris! It's an "oldie," dating back to the Shine Doc days, but remains very useful. (You saw my GT500's matte stripes before ceramic, so you know it works too.)
  13. Welcome, OP! I recommend following the advice in this video. I also found Adam's Matte Detailer useful before I ceramic coated my whole car, including the matte stripes. (Yes, matte vinyl looks great even when ceramic coated.) The products I found most useful were Brilliant Glaze (to clean), light polish (if required), VRT (to protect), and Matte Detailer (to "level" the VRT). Note that matte vinyl CAN be LIGHTLY polished without making it glossy. I did so a number of times, as described in the video, relying on nothing more aggressive than (what used to be called
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