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  1. Adam's Swirl Killer Machine Polisher | Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher Adam's Swirl Killer is a 15mm long throw random orbital machine polisher designed with our customer in mind. This product has less vibration, reduced long term fatigue and has been tested in the market on hundreds of cars for over a year. With the Swirl Killer, you can confidently remove swirl marks, scratches, and other flaws in the painted surface of your vehicle in a safe and easy manner when paired with the proper pads and polishes, to make your vehicle look as perfect as possible. FAQ's Q: What is a Long Throw Polisher? A: A long throw polisher like the Adam's Swirl Killer is a dual-action machine polisher that oscillates and shakes the backing plate and polishing pad in many directions in quick motions, several thousand times per minute. The movement mimics how our hand moves in an irregular circular pattern when polishing or waxing a surface by hand. Dual action polishers differ from rotary buffers in that rotary buffers have fixed rotation and spin only in a circular motion without oscillating the pad. Rotary buffers are rated in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) as opposed to the Oscillations Per Minute (OPM) of a Long Throw Dual Action Polisher. Long Throw Polishers typically have a 15mm or 21mm orbit pattern. While a 21mm throw can correct imperfections a little more quickly than a 15mm throw, the larger orbit and larger pad size for these machines can make them a little more difficult to use on some vehicles with very complex curves. Therefore, we chose a 15mm throw with smaller 5.5” pads for the Adam's Swirl Killer for it to be more versatile for most of our customers. Adam's Swirl Killer allows you to finish down a surface amazingly, to as near flawless as possible with minimal effort. In some instances, this can be accomplished in as little as one polishing step, unlike rotary buffers. Rotary buffers can leave holograms or buffer trails from improper technique, pad type, or compound, which then require additional polishing steps to make the surface hologram free. The longer throw of the Swirl Killer when compared to other traditional random orbital polishers allows for stronger and faster correction, while still being safe on the surface. For these reasons, Long Throw Polishers are bridging the gap in regards to time savings compared to Rotary Buffers. Q: How does the Adam’s Swirl Killer work? How does it remove swirl marks and imperfections? A: The Adam’s Swirl Killer Polisher works by rotating and oscillating a foam or microfiber polishing pad across the clean and clayed painted surface of a vehicle, using the pad to spread a micro abrasive polish and work it into the finish. The polish and pad smooth away imperfections like light scratches and swirl marks by leveling out the surface, removing a very thin layer of clear coat or base coat at the micron level, rather than attempting to hide or fill them in with a temporary product. Adam’s Correcting Polish with an Adam’s 5.5” Orange Foam Pad attached to the machine can be used to cut through most typical swirl marks in a safe manner. Some deeper imperfections or very hard clear coats may require a more aggressive approach, which can be handled with Adam’s Heavy Correcting Compound and an Adam’s 5.5” Blue Foam Pad or 5.5" Microfiber Cutting Pad. Lastly, Adam’s Finishing Polish when combined with an Adam’s 5.5” White Foam Pad will leave the surface as perfect as possible, removing any very fine micro-scratches that may have been caused by the Correcting Polish or Heavy Correcting Compound, and providing the best shine and gloss possible before applying the appropriate Adam’s protection product (sealant, wax, or coating) for your vehicle. Q: What are the technical specifications of the Adam’s Swirl Killer Polisher? A: The Adam’s Swirl Killer has a 15mm throw orbit diameter, which means that the backing plate and attached foam or microfiber polishing pad oscillate 15mm in multiple directions, thousands of times per minute. It has a speed control dial with speeds from 1-6, with “1” being the lowest amount Oscillations Per Minute at 2,000 OPM, to “6” being the highest at 4,500 OPM. It has a 500W motor (750W maximum) for strong and safe paint correction. The backing plate is approximately 5” in diameter, making it compatible with multiple generations of Adam’s 5.5” and 6” machine polishing pads. The polisher itself weighs 5.75 pounds and is approximately 16.75” in length. The power cord length is 25 feet to have less worry about running out of cord while maneuvering around a vehicle. Q: What is the warranty/repair policy for the Adam’s Swirl Killer Polisher? A: The Adam’s Swirl Killer comes with a standard 1 year warranty. It covers any defects, manufacturing issues, or operational failures to the machine. Please contact our Customer Service team by phone at 866-965-0400 or by email to orders@adamspolishes.com for any warranty or repair work for fastest resolution to any problems. Q: Where is the Adam’s Swirl Killer made and assembled? A: The Swirl Killer is made and assembled in China to Adam’s Polishes specifications. We are always pushing to bring our customers the best products we can deliver at a fair price. When it came to machines, we constantly heard from customers about the high prices, so we went to work to source the best polisher we could find for a reasonable price, and then had the manufacturer incorporate our own design tweaks and requests. Q: What are the design benefits of this polisher? A: The Swirl Killer polisher has several design features that make it more enjoyable and comfortable to use. The trigger is large, easy to engage, and has a lock mechanism to reduce strain and fatigue on your fingers when polishing for an extended period. The trigger also features a soft start for a smooth and safe start when you pull the trigger. The hand grip above the polishing head is rubber for reduced vibration through your hand and arm. The backing plate has a strong Velcro hook and loop system to keep polishing pads secure during use, but still easy enough to remove the pad without too much effort. The power cord is a soft rubber design so that it can comfortably drape over your shoulder while polishing and not twist or tangle as easily. The cord is a longer 25-foot length for easier maneuverability around the vehicle. Q: What are the wear items of the Adam’s Swirl Killer Polisher? How long will it last? A: There are a few potential wear items with the Swirl Killer Polisher: The brushes inside of the polisher housing can wear down over time, much like other power tools. We include spare brushes, and they can be replaced easily by following the instructional video here: Video coming soon. The backing plate is another wear item. Over time, the hook and loop Velcro attachment system can weaken, especially if the machine is abused by using too much downward pressure on a panel, which can create more heat build-up in the pad and backing plate. Excessive heat from overuse could potentially melt the Velcro material if the pad gets too hot, so we do recommend polishing in a 2-foot by 2-foot section at a time and allowing the machine to cool down for a few minutes if it begins to feel very warm. With proper use, the backing plate will hold up fine through several vehicles and multiple years of use. If the backing plate begins to fail or does not seem to hold a pad as firmly, test out a new pad first to see how well it attaches. If it does not hold well, it may be time to purchase a new replacement backing plate, which we offer here: Product page coming soon. The third main possible wear item is the power cord. If the power cord is sliced open, kinked too tightly (for example, caught under a tire), or damaged at the attachment point to the handle of the machine from wrapping the cord too tightly, these all pose risk of possible electrical issues or injury. Do not operate the machine if the cord is damaged in any way, and contact out Customer Service Team by phone at 866-965-400 or by email to orders@adamspolishes.com Q: How do I properly care for the polisher? A: This polisher is a precision tool. Like all precision tools, it should be respected and not abused. Do not drop the polisher. Always unplug the polisher and store it in a safe location after use. Keep the polisher away from children to avoid any possible injury. Do not use the polisher in any way other than intended - to polish a painted surface. Do not modify the polisher, as this will void the warranty. Do not wrap the cord too tightly around the polisher, to avoid any possible damage or electrical shorts. Perform routine maintenance – inspect the polisher before and after every use, ensure that vents in the polisher casing are free of obstructions during use and afterward to allow for proper cooling. Keep the machine clean of excess polish residue or dust by wiping the casing with a damp towel. Only use the trigger lock mechanism on the machine – do not use any other form of trigger lock. Always start and stop the polisher with the pad face flat on the surface to be polished. Do not free-spin the polisher off the painted surface at high speeds. Keep your fingers firmly near the hand grip and away from the spinning backing plate to avoid injury. Q: Are backing plates covered under warranty? A: The backing plate is considered a wear item, so damage to the backing plate from overheating the backing plate surface from improper use is not covered under warranty. We do have replacement backing plates available for purchase. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will warranty the backing plate following the standard warranty of the polisher itself. Q: What polishing pads are compatible with Adam’s Swirl Killer Polisher? A: Our newest 5.5” foam and microfiber polishing pads are compatible with and designed for the Adam’s Swirl Killer Polisher; however, our previous Generation 5 and Generation 6 pads are compatible as well. The Gen6 foam pads will have slightly more pad overhang on the backing plate, but they will still be effective at polishing. Q: Do you offer any complete package kits with the Swirl Killer Polisher? A: Yes, we offer a few different package kits for the Swirl Killer, linked below: Adam’s Two Step Swirl Killer 15MM Kit Adam’s Two Step Swirl Killer Advanced Kit Adam’s Three Step Swirl Killer Complete Polishing Kit Q: How long will it take to machine polish an entire vehicle? A: Performing a full paint correction on a vehicle can vary significantly based on many factors, so there’s no fair amount of time to list here. Some vehicles may quickly correct in as little as 1 step with the orange Correcting Polish and an Orange Foam Pad, but others may require a full 3 step polishing process with Heavy Correcting Compound, Correcting Polish, and then Finishing Polish with their respective pads. Size of the vehicle also factors in – trucks and crossover vehicles have much more surface area than a small sports car, so logically they will take more time to complete. Vehicles with a hard clear coat may take more passes to get perfect than others with a soft clear coat or single stage paint finish. Once you factor in washing the vehicle and claying prior to paint correction, the whole process could take upwards of 10 hours or more, so you will want to plan accordingly if you need to space the work out over multiple days. Q: What is the operating decibel level of the Adam’s Swirl Killer? A: The maximum decibel level measured from the Adam’s Swirl Killer during use under load at maximum speed setting ‘6’ is 85 dB measured at 2 feet from the polisher. Free spinning sound level at maximum speed ‘6’ is 80 dB measured from 3 feet away. Free spinning at maximum speed ‘6’ measured from approximately 3 inches from the motor is 100 dB. Hearing protection is recommended and encouraged for prolonged use of the polisher. Q: What is the power requirement for the Adam’s Swirl Killer? A: Adam’s Swirl Killer uses standard 110V electricity found in the U.S. It is not compatible with 220V electricity found in many countries. The Swirl Killer uses a grounded electrical plug. Do not modify the electrical plug for use with a non-grounded power outlet. We plan on offering a 220V model of the Swirl Killer at a future date. Stayed tuned for more updates on the international version of the polisher. Q: Why doesn’t the Adam’s Swirl Killer come with a threaded side-mount handle attachment? A: We do not include a side mount handle with the Swirl Killer because in our testing, it does not allow the polisher to perform as well as it does without the handle. Having a side handle can cause uneven pressure and a tilting of the polishing pad and backing plate as you use the machine, whereas with having one hand at the trigger and your other hand above the polishing head at the top of the machine, this allows for more control and a better feel to have equal, flat, and light downward pressure on the surface being worked upon. Side handles are typically heavy as well, adding more weight to the machine and more shipping weight to the packaging of the polisher. Q: How many polishing pads do I need to complete polishing one vehicle? A: You may be able to accomplish polishing an entire vehicle with one pad of each type/color; however, you would need to span this out over the course of several days, since the polishing pad will most likely have too much polish residue built up into it after you’ve polished half of the vehicle to continue being effective, and it would then need to be thoroughly cleaned out and let dry before using it again for the remainder of the vehicle. Therefore, we typically recommend having at least 2 clean polishing pads of each type if you are wishing to do a full paint correction in one detailing session. Having a backup pad in case of any accidental pad damage from sharp emblems and so on is also good practice so that you don’t end up stuck in the middle of a detail while waiting for new pads to arrive. Q: What is the expected life of a polishing pad? A: If properly cared for and not abused, our microfiber and foam polishing pads should have a life of 3-5 full paint corrections or more. Abuse from improper technique, too much downward pressure, harsh chemical cleaners, dried up polish residue in the pad, and several other factors could reduce pad life significantly.
  2. Hello all. I have a quick question and would appreciate all the help I can get. Not paying attention I pulled out of my garage and lightly scraped the side of my house. I caught it before I dented or scratched the paint to the metal. It looks like the paint just got on my cars paint. I tried a little all purpose cleaner and some of it came off but not all. If anyone has any suggestions, or has been through this unfortunate situation. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, So cool to read through these threads — so much great information. I’m about to place my first big order of Adam’s Polishes goods. Any recommendations on removing fingernail scratches under the door handles?? Thank you in advance! Colin
  4. Hey guys, So I am thinking about buying the Adams Master Blaster but I am not sure how different it is compared to an air compressor. I have been using an air compressor lately and have noticed that it doesn't quite remove all of the water from my vehicle and it also leaves water marks if I don't use a microfiber drying towel. I guess my question is, what is the difference between the master blaster and an air compressor and does the master blaster work better? My next question is about paint correction. I drive a "company/government" vehicle around that has decals on it all day through many different types of weather conditions. That being said, there are a ton of scratches, swirl marks, water stains, and etc on the clear coat. Can I use the swirl killer on the decals or should I tape them off to avoid damaging them? Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
  5. Question for the group......... What's the best tape to use for protection during paint correction or application of Ceramic Coatings ? With a slight warm up in the weather this past weekend, Spring doesn't seem so far off anymore. I'm getting the itch to tackle some overdue paint correction on several vehicles and wanted to reach out to the group for advice on the best tape to use to protect trim and moldings, etc. I'm sure everyone has their favorite brand, size or even color. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys! Looking for some insight on light paint correction. I have a new charger in destroyer grey that is about 6 months old now. I have very very light scratches I want to polish out and finish with glaze, LPS and Americana. I'm wondering you all think Finishing Polish has enough cut in it to get very light scratches out? Honestly, they're so light I think a good seal and wax would fill them in to be honest, but if I'm going to clay and do all of that I might as well polish as well. Thoughts? Do I really need correcting polish?
  7. Does anyone know if Adams Polishes polish has fillers in it?
  8. Hello, today I tried fixing up some paint on my girlfriends car with my new PC 7424xp. It was only my second time using it and I'm decently happy with the results, but I know the could be better. I used as mentioned m,y new PC, I had to use the stock pad it comes with because i was accidentally sent the 6" pad instead of the 5", and Adam's Correcting Polish. Firstly I started it with some waterless wash because it was just the top of the trunk, followed by a Clay Bar. Before once cleaned: Then the fun began experimenting with the Polisher. The first thing I noticed is there was a lot of deep scratches. Majority I could feel with my nail and knew I would be unsuccessful to get them out without wet sanding or repainting. Because I couldn't use my 5.5" orange pad or microfibre cutting padding, I could only use the Correcting Polish and the stock pad. Once my order arrived with the new stuff I need I'll probably try again but for now I am satisfied. All feedback is appreciated and welcomed! After:
  9. So I've been reading write ups for paint corrections for about a month or two and after finally getting the courage to purchase a Swirl Killer kit, yesterday I decided to give my car a run for its money. I had washed and clayed the car about 2 weeks ago and I had layered it with H2O G&G and Americana Paste Wax. To start here's what I used: Adam's Strip Wash, Wash Bucket, Wash Pad, Clay Bar (Not Adam's), Swirl Killer, MF pad, Blue, Orange and White pad, Heavy correcting compound, Correcting polish, finishing polish, Swirl Finder, and pad brush. MF towels (Not Adam's because I didn't wash those yet, but still similar quality) I didn't want to do the whole car for lack of time and I know I probably shouldn't have done the exact spots that I did, but either way it's done... So to start I on the actual detail I filled up a bucket part way with some strip wash a wash pad and water. Because I was only going to do the driver side doors, and half, yes half, of the trunk I didn't do a two bucket wash. I then dried with a blue waffle weave towel and then went on to clay bar using detail spray (Pumpkin ) and then proceeded to dry the left over detail spray and move on to paint correction. On the left side of my trunk I started with the blue foam pad, because the paint wasn't badly swirled, with the heavy correcting compound. Using the swirl finder I noticed it's not really swirled. After about 4 passes I moved on to the side doors but instead used the microfiber pad because they were very swirled. Using about 4 passes on each door in a crosshatch pattern. After step 1 I then proceeded to do the same routes using the orange pad and the correcting polish on the trunk and the doors and then the finishing polish. My final step was a dry application with H2O G&G because I did't have LPS. Here are some before and afters.
  10. About a month and a half ago a good friend of mine had his van parked outside his house and someone side swiped it and unfortunately didn't leave a note or anything. This past weekend I told him to bring his van over to my house and I would see if I could get some of it out for him. As you can see from the pictures, he has a pretty deep black scratch all the way down the side of his van. In addition on the lower driver side door, the other car appeared to have swiped him pretty good. I was absolutely amazed at the results the products were able to get with his paint! Here's a list of the steps and Adam's products I used: 1) Waterless Washed the vehicle since it was semi dirty - (20 minutes) 2) Clay Bar treatment with Detail Spray - (30 minutes) 3) Paint Correction - part 1 - (60 minutes) -Rupes 15 polisher -Microfiber cutting pad -Paint Correction Polish This step took the longest because as you can see from the pictures the scratches were pretty deep, so I had to really take my time going over them with the polisher, continuing to apply detail spray to the Microfiber Cutting Pad and using the Pad Conditioning Brush. Most of the scratches did come out with the Microfiber Cutting Pad. 4) Paint Correction - part 2 - (30 minutes) -Orange Foam Pad -Paint Correction Polish 5) Paint Finishing - (20 minutes) -White Foam Pad -Paint Finishing Polish -Removed all polish from the vehicle with a Single Soft Towel 6) Glaze - (20 minutes) -Red Foam Pad -Brilliant Glaze -Removed Brilliant Glaze with a Single Soft Towel 7) Sealant - (20 minutes) -Gray Foam Pad -Paint Sealant -Removed Paint Sealant with Single Soft Towel Here are some of the before pictures: And here are some pictures of after using all 7 steps listed above. Finished product: I was impressed at how great Adam's products were able to completely take out the scratches in this vehicle. In just about 3 hours of time the vehicle looks brand new again, like the side swipe never even happened. Needless to say, my friend is pretty happy that his vehicle looks brand new again and is now a converted Adam's customer as well.
  11. Ok fellow addicts I do not want to beat a old question to death but I have read plenty on here and just can not decide what is right for me. I am in the market for my first polisher so I can make the wife's car and my truck look as good as they can. I can not decide on which machine makes the most sense for me for the life of me. I used a pc a buddy had yesterday and the vibration seems after doing my full size pickup that it would become bothersome. I think I have swore this machine off the list just due to this reason. I have a 07 ram quad cab and the wife's car is a lexus is250. After I have brought my skill level up to what I the is acceptable I will try and do a friends car here n there for some quick no Uncle Sam cash. I have found a unit called a waxedshine 6" da polisher online seems to get fair remarks but I'm worried it is a pc like machine, so this makes me uneasy although it is $99 so I wouldn't be out a big amount if it flopped and I just used it for a year or so then used it as a back up after that. The rupes and cyclo seem to get everyone's nod for the best around. I have never run a polisher except the other day on a junk yard hood so I am at a pre k knowledge level besides watching all of adams videos. I would love to hear what yall think is the best machine for a newbie that wants to one day transition to doing a few cars on the side. Thanks. Advance for all of the help.
  12. I only hope that the forum members here like LONG stories, with a lot of photos, to see what the results of using Adam's products, and proper equipment sold by them can lead too? If you check out some of my prior posts, you will see that I wrote smaller detailing articles about a 2004 Magnetic Red II C5 Corvette Coupe and a 1996 Sebring Silver C4 Corvette Collector Edition Coupe. This 2007 has replaced BOTH of them, as it was too difficult to decide which one I should sell, so I sold them both! That happened due to the fact that the subdivision I live in also has an homeowners association, where we are not supposed to park vehicles outside of the garage, and having (2) Corvettes in my garage, meant the daily drivers had to be parked outdoors. I didn't have an issue with the majority of the neighbors, but there was one retired person who made a major issue out of it for whatever reason he thought may be important. I fond this 2007 which had 2 previous owners, the last one a collector who stored it in UNCOVERED in an old industrial warehouse, and drove it a total of 700 miles in the past 5 years. The car had 6520 miles on it when I went to look at it, and after driving it and sealing the deal, and driving it home, it now has 6700 miles. Spent the last month or so, in my garage, being made "whole" and into a show car. The reason I choose to show it is because my 96 Collector Edition was a Concours Show Car here in the Detroit, MI area, and award winning. Had to replace that, that was my thought and goal. OK, on to the photos of the "as started condition" and I will say that I spend between 2 to 4 hours per panel, to correct, and finish polish over a 15 day or night time period, as I do have a "day job" and other responsibilities to attend too. Left Fender Start Left Door Front Area Start Left Door Area Start 2 Left Halo Start Left Quarter Start Left Quarter Start 2 Left Quarter Start 3 Decklid Hatch Area Start Decklid Hatch Area Start 2 Right Quarter Start Right Door Start By looking at the pictures above, you can see this car was pretty scratched, swirled, and abused during whatever method they used to wipe it down. The hood and fenders were in similar condition, and to limit the length of this post, I didn't add those before shots here. Now, here is the GOOD NEWS part, corrected using a Cyclo, Adam's Paint Correcting Polish, and the Adam's White Finishing Polish. Only the final photos show the results after Liquid Paint Sealant and Americana were applied. Left Fender 2 passes Adam's Correcting Polish w/ Cyclo Left Door Corrected Left Halo Corrected Left Quarter Corrected Decklid Hatch Area Corrected Rear Fascia Area Corrected Right Quarter Corrected Right Quarter Corrected 2 Right Door Corrected Right Door Corrected 2 Now for the final photos, taken outdoors last evening. Notice the license plate frame. Right Front Side View Right Rear Side View Left Rear Side View Left Front Side View License Plate Frame Rear View Car will be going to it's first show this weekend in Canada, and then next weekend at a show where the Corvette club I belong is putting on. Those who saw it last night were amazed to say the least. The interior and underhood engine area were also cleaned and detailed using Adam's products, and look just as good as the exterior. Thank you to the Adam's team for their products and support!
  13. Hey everyone. First up, I'd like to apologize for starting yet another "first time" thread, but this truck is my absolute baby and I'd really like some advice from the more seasoned detailers on here. So here is what I'm dealing with: The truck: 1993 Dodge D350 with the original 3 stage white paint. It is VERY rare for a 1st gen dodge to have original paint, so I want to make sure that I do not make any mistakes when doing paint correction on mine. The previous owner took great care of it and even garaged it, but from the looks of it he was using steel wool to wash and wax the truck! The whole truck is covered in some pretty severe swirls, with other areas much worse off. It almost looks like there was a branch or something that rubbed against the paint for an extended period. Im not expecting to get every single thing out, but I would like to get as close as possible. here is the truck: 1993 1st gen Dodge D350 cummins by avvblanc01, on Flickr here are some photos of the paint damage sorry the truck isn't clean right now but you can still get the picture: IMG_1491 by 1991 1st gen, on Flickr here is one of the really bad spots right above the bright area: IMG_1493 by 1991 1st gen, on Flickr My plan: I have never done paint correction before, and I understand white isn't the easiest color to work with. I also have a pretty limited budget, but here is what Im planning to purchase: -flex 3401 VRG polisher -Adams 2step polishing kit with the 7in pads Questions: 1) Does this sound like the right set up to tackle my paint problems? 2) Am I going to need wet sanding to see any real difference in the paint or can I get a marked improvement from the 2step system? 3) Are there any tips you guys have for polishing paint like this? 4) Should I worry about thinning/damaging the already fragile dodge clear coat when Im doing this? In advance, thank you so much for your help. I just wanted to check with you guys before I pull the trigger, purchase everything, and start in on my paint!
  14. The AP warehouse and detailing areas have recently undergone a big overhaul for the season, freeing up more space and creating a section for us to really get into detailing for those who want us to do the work for them. One of the first to roll into our place since the overhaul was an amazing Tesla P85D... but one problem - the owner had to drive it on over a mile of dirty/muddy roads near his home shortly after he got it. The pictures below tell the story: to be continued...
  15. So I am new to this whole detailing hobby. I have a 2008 Corvette that over the past 6 years of driving it, has accumulated some swirl marks and water marks and small scratches that have NOT penetrated the clear coat (my fingernail does not catch the scratch just my eye sight does). I purchased the following products to fix the issue. It might have been a bit of an overkill but I just wanted to make sure I was able to fix the issue. Porter Cable 7424XP Clay M105 M205 Hex Logic 5.5" Orange and White pads Rejex for the sealant So after claying the entire car I started the process of applying M105 with the orange pad. For each 2' X 2' section on speed 5 I would complete 6 section passes. I started to get some great results except for some small scratches every now and then, that no matter how many section passes over that particular area to see if doing extra passes would help but it's not. I even tried bumping up the speed to speed 6 but some of the areas on the corvette are fiberglass and bend too easily and I was not able to apply enough pressure to the pad to make it where the pad isn’t spinning too fast so I stopped that. I know I could possibly buy the teal Heavy Cutting pad and try that or maybe some light wet sanding, but would like to see if someone could give me some insight. Over the entire car I would estimate there are about 15 to 20 of these tiny scratches that I want to remove.
  16. Good Morning! A few weeks back, Forum Member Ud-Lose contacted me about helping him restore an old police cruiser that his department wanted him to try and bring back. Without seeing it, and from the descriptions Randy provided over the phone, I have to admit, I was scared! When he pulled up in it, my first thought, "This is pretty cool!" Then I got closer to the paint. Clearly it had been neglected for years, maybe decades, who knows! Some parts of the car we knew we couldn't make better given the cracked body, missing paint, etc. However, with the new Adam's Paint Polish Duo and Flex Polishers at our sides, we were ready to tackle the heck out of the project! Here are a few befores: I believe this to be a 1963 Ford Galaxie. The Denver Police Department will now have a fleet of vehicles that will be cared for and taken to shows year round! Check out this faded, swirled up paint! Shot of the car from the Side:
  17. In a small world kind of scenario, this exact car was over with our good friends at Purifoy Chevrolet a few months back getting a little mechanical love. The car is rough cosmetically, but appeared to run strong. Fastforward to this week and a local car broker says he has a Callaway in his inventory hes going to try and move... of course we wanted to see it. When I realized what car it was I knew I was going to have to detail it. This car has been barn stored for some time and has deep deep DEEP swirls and scratches from a long time of neglect. For those that don't know, heres a little info on the Callaway SuperNatural 400: In 1992, base Corvettes now used the LT1 engine. With major changes between that engine and the earlier L98, Callaway shifted from positive manifold pressure to increased displacement with the new SuperNatural series. Introduced with 400 hp, power climbed to 425, then 435, and finally 450 hp for the LT1 and LT4 cars. During this same period, Callaway also built SuperNatural Corvettes based upon the ZR-1 Corvette and the LT5 engine. Introduced with 475 hp, power was also available with 490 hp with optional header cats. A full menu of options (brakes, suspension, exhaust, body, wheels/tires) were available. Originally, the SuperNatural Series was called the CL-1 and CR-1 CL, for the LT1 powered cars. CR, for the LT5 powered cars. This moniker was very short lived, changing to SuperNatural soon after introduction. With such a great opportunity to show off what our polishes can do I wasted no time setting up the camera and getting to work on what might be some of the most trashed paint I've ever detailed. Enjoy! don't forget to watch in HD ^^^ Want to see the Cyclo at work on the same car? CLICK HERE
  18. Hello Again! This Camaro came in for a quick paint correction/exterior detail a few weeks back. Pretty run of the mill process here, save for I used the Cyclo for this project. Included in this detail were: Wheels/Tires/Trim/Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed Engine and Exhaust Tips Cleaned and Dressed Two Bucket Wash Paint Decontamination with Claybar and Detail Spray Paint Correction with the Cyclo Polisher and the Paint Correction System Wheels polished with Revive Paint and Wheels sealed with Quick Sealant Glass sealed with Glass Sealant Here is what it looked like upon arrival: Not too bad, but enough.
  19. Good Morning! I have to admit, I haven't had as much time to detail as of late with all the shows, and also helping out the Shipping Dept. to help them maintain a high level of service. Hopefully I can get back to providing you all with some more stuff to look at sooner than later. Here is a Silverado I did for a good family friend just before Vettes at Carlisle. The Products and Process: · Wheel Wells and Tires cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, The Adam's Deep Clean Tire Scrub Brush and the Adam's 20" Fender Brush. · Wheels cleaned with Adam's Green Wheel Cleaner, Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush, Adam's Wheel Woolies and Adam's Turbostick. · Engine Bay cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, Adam's Wheel Woolies, and Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush. · Two Bucket Wash with Grit Guards and Two Wash Pads from the Adam's Complete Two Bucket Wash Kit. · Vehicle was dried using Adam's Air Force Master Blaster and Adam's Great White Drying Towel. · Engine Bay, Tires and Trim, and Bed Cover were first decontaminated with Adam's APC and Adam's Edgeless Utility Towels. Then dressed with either Adam's SVRT or Adam's In and Out Spray. (Bed Cover treated with Adam's QS) · Wheel Wells were dressed with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray. · Vehicle was masked with Adam's Professional Detailer's Masking Tape. · Door Jambs were cleaned with Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels. · Interior and Exterior Glass cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towels. · Decontamination of paint and glass was done using Adam's Detailing Claybar and Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant. · Paint was corrected (swirl marks and water spotting) with the Flex 3401VRG Polisher, Adam's 7" Orange Microfiber Paint Cutting Pad, and Adam's Paint Correcting Polish. There were parts that I DID USE THE CYCLO POLISHER ON...A Pillars, and some other smaller areas also... · The entirety of the paint was polished with the same polisher, Adam's 7" White Foam Paint Finishing Pad, and Adam's Paint Finishing Polish. There were parts that I DID USE THE CYCLO POLISHER ON...A Pillars, and some other smaller areas also... · Glass pieces were treated to Adam's Brilliant Glaze via the Adam's 7" Red Glazing Pad or the Adam's Americana Premium Wax and Glaze Applicator. · Paint was treated to Adam's Quick Sealant. · All Polish, Glaze, and Wax residue removed with Adam's DoubleSoft Towels.
  20. Hello Again! I had this client contact me a while back to get this car back to swirl free and mean looking again. This is a Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG. Black on black on black on black on....you get my point. Upon initial inspection, I could tell that I would have my work cut out for me. Like so many of the cars I have been seeing lately, lots of swirls, some water etching, and a general good cleaning, this car was all in need of. The Products and Process: · Wheel Wells and Tires cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner and the Adam's 20" Fender Brush. · Wheels cleaned with Adam's Green Wheel Cleaner, Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush, Adam's Wheel Woolies and Adam's Turbostick. · Engine Bay cleaned with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, Adam's Wheel Woolies, and Adam's Boulder Blonde Boar's Hair Wheel Brush. · Two Bucket Wash with Grit Guards and Two Wash Pads from the Adam's Complete Two Bucket Wash Kit. · Vehicle was dried using Adam's Air Force Master Blaster and Adam's Great White Drying Towel. · Engine Bay, Tires and Trim were first decontaminated with Adam's APC and Adam's Edgeless Utility Towels. Then dressed with either Adam's SVRT or Adam's In and Out Spray. · Wheel Wells were dressed with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray. · Vehicle was masked with Adam's Professional Detailer's Masking Tape. · Door Jambs were cleaned with Adam's Waterless Wash and Adam's Waterless Wash Towels. · Interior and Exterior Glass cleaned with Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Glass Cleaning Microfiber Towels. · Decontamination of paint and glass was done using Adam's Detailing Claybar and Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant. · Paint was corrected (holograms, swirl marks and water spotting) with the Flex 3401VRG Polisher, Adam's 7" Orange Microfiber Paint Cutting Pad, and Adam's Paint Correcting Polish. · The entirety of the paint was polished with the same polisher, Adam's 7" White Foam Paint Finishing Pad, and Adam's Paint Finishing Polish. · Paint and Glass Pieces were treated to Adam's Brilliant Glaze via the Adam's 7" Red Glazing Pad or the Adam's Americana Premium Wax and Glaze Applicator. · Paint was treated to Adam's Americana Paste Wax. · All Polish, Glaze, and Wax residue removed with Adam's DoubleSoft Towels.
  21. Good Afternoon! This client was referred to me by a long time customer, and was in need of a detail upon recent delivery of his new to him M3. It looked like the place he got it from didn't offer a detailing service, or even wash the car for that matter for him. Fine by me! This car is Black, mean looking, has a great stance, but it really needed my attention. I would be doing an exterior only on this one, including the tips and engine bay. Paint decontamination, paint correction, good wheel cleaning, a really good bath...all these things were yet to come. I knew I could turn this car around and have the owner super stoked about his new ride! Check out what it looked like when it showed up: It was more obvious in person, but one could see the swirls through all the dirt. The Engine Bay would be getting better very soon. The front clip didn't have too many bugs for me to remove. The Wheels and Tires were in pretty bad shape. I thought after a good cleaning that Adam's In and Out Spray would remedy the inner plastics here. Exhaust tips a many, and they all needed help. The Carbon Fiber roof had some water etching on it, and was overall a bit hazed up. Continued...
  22. Please Take a Look at Some of The Amazing Results We Have Accomplished Water Etched and Swirled Up Deck From a BMW (Before): Complete: Dulled and Dirty Carbon Fiber Roof (Before): Complete: Dirty Engine Bay From a Range Rover (Before) Complete! Another From a Ferrari 360 Modena (Before): Complete: Swirl Marks From a Volkswagen CC (Before): Complete: Hologram Removal From a Saab 9.3 (Before): Complete: Beat Up Fuel Door (Before): Complete: Dirty M3 Wheel (Before): Complete:
  23. How To Book An Appointment at the Adam's Detailing Studio Booking an appointment to get your car, truck, or SUV detailed is as simple as a phone call or email! We can be reached anytime at Mook@Adamspolishes.com or by phone at 720.473.7100. The Adam's Detailing Studio Specializes in Daily Driven Cars, to Show Cars, to Custom Builds, and more! Most typical sized vehicles can be completed in between 6 and 8 hours time. We prefer to work on your vehicle in our secure facility, in that time frame over two days in order to maintain our meticulous and high standards when it comes to detailing your vehicle. We have packages starting around $150.00 that can take your vehicle from rough and dirty to smooth and shiny in hardly any time at all! At the Adam's Detailing Studio, we Proudly use Adam's Premium Car Care Products. Made in the USA, and even better, a Local, Colorado Company! Book Now Via Email or Call Us (720)-473-7100
  24. Good Afternoon! The client reached out to the Adam's Detailing Studio via an email inquiry. His Jaguar was in need of a really good exterior detail, and I was the man for the job. This detail took care of decontamination of the paint, swirl and water etching removal, of course the wheels/tires/engine/exhaust tips, sealing the Glass, and last but not least, I was able to install the "FaceMelter" on this baby when it was done! Here is what it looked like upon arrival:
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