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  1. I have been a long time user of Adams products (first ordered back in 2012 with the DS) and wanted to reach out how to make the conversion from the traditional wax/sealants to ceramic. From reading around it appears the paint correction is still the same. I'm still using the old school 3-step system (I still have lots of product and it still works, so why change it). From this point I think it would be a little different. Here is roughly my process all done with Adam's Products: -Wash/Clean -Clay Bar -The 3 step polish method, think it was orange to green to white
  2. Hey all, I hope everyone has been doing well and staying safe for the past few months! I've been taking the time to work hard on video content for my channel and I've made a few posts using Adams products. I recently purchased a new set of five wheels for my Jeep and took the liberty of using Adams Polishes UV Ceramic Wheel Coating and made a video going over the details, unboxing it, and applying it both in the daytime and at night to really show off how well the UV additive works to show where the coating has been applied. I'll be honest, the results on camera look 10X better th
  3. Any clue when this gets listed on the Adam’s site?
  4. Hello everyone, So I recently acquired some new wheels and figured it'd be the perfect opportunity to get them coated, seeing as fresh out the box is probably the cleanest they will ever be, all that went without a hitch. Impossible to see rainbow on satin wheels but kinda used time and judgement on removal. Anyway, onto the questions at hand. I'm trying to keep these wheels as black as they can be as long as I can, hence the coating in the first place. The one thing I did notice on previous satin wheels is that overtime, they just end up turning "gray", e
  5. Okay I am super OCD when it comes to light scratches under my ceramic coating on my black car. I have 2 polisher machines and all the Adam stuff as well. How can I remove coating layers? I’ve watched a good amount of videos but want to correct the paint under the coating before applying new layers. Any feedback would be great. Thank you!
  6. 2019 Chevy Suburban LT RST I’m getting closer to the finish line... 18 hours!!! Day 1 - 4 hours 1. Strip Wash 2. Iron Remover 3. Wash with Mega Foam 4. Dried with Master Blaster Day 2 - 7 hours 5. Rinseless Wash 6. Clay bar all surfaces 7. Finishing Polish with white pads Day 3 - 7 hours 8. Wash with UltraFoam Shampoo 9. Dried with Master Blaster 10. Ceramic Surface Prep 11. New Ceramic Spray Coating - final wipe with suede microfiber towels 12. Wash and clean all windows, sunroof, headlights, fog lights & tail lights 13. Ceram
  7. Going to ceramic coat my car soon...it is already paint corrected. What are you thoughts on the Adams ceramic paint coating compared to other brands like CQuartz, etc.? Longevity and ease of applying the coating is a very important deciding factor as well. If i went to another brand I would still use Adam's products like the ceramic wax and boost to maintain it.
  8. Still a bit confused on which, if any, ceramic products can be used on glass?
  9. Will the suede towels need to be replaced after each use or can they be cleaned after being exposed to ceramic products?
  10. I searched the forum for this and even asked Adam's with no response, so I am hoping you guys might have more an idea. I have read where people talk about the Adam's Strip wash and if the Strip wash will remove ceramic coating. Considering those two items found, my issue is that I have recently used the Adam's ceramic wheel coating on my wheels and calipers. so my question is, will the Adam's Strip wash remove or damage the ceramic coating on the rim and calipers? Do I have to cover my wheels before applying the product?
  11. I have been contemplating doing the ceramic coating on my 2009 Infiniti G37. The vehicle has been taken care of however there are rock chips on the bumper and a couple on the hood that a pretty small. I am wondering if I would have to purchase touch up paint before ceramic coating or would it be safe and acceptable to go right over them with the coating. The next question is should I for go the coating and just buy the paste and boost and use those products instead? I am comfortable doing the prep work just having a hard time deciding what to do. Thanks everyone.
  12. Has anyone ever used the buttery wax as kind of a "boost" to the ceramic paste wax? Yes I do use the ceramic boost also.
  13. Has anyone tried putting the new ceramic trim coating on tires? All my trim is coated, but it sure would be nice to have the same durable and gorgeous finish on my tires. Will it work and last?
  14. Hi All, I wanted to find out if the ceramic paint coating can be used on a clear protection film that was installed by a the dealer. It appears that its only on the front lip of the hood and door edges. Thank you kindly.
  15. I apologize if this has been answered in the past... A few weeks ago I did a full detail on my '15 STI to include my first application of Adam's ceramic paint and trim coating. It's time for the first wash now though... Which car wash would be recommended, the shampoo or the wash & wax? I feel like my whole routine may be changing... I used to dry with detail spray and put on some Patriot Wax or use the H20 G&G to dry...
  16. I am getting a new set of wheels and I want to coat them. I was just wondering if it ok to coat them before having the tires put on them? 1. Will the tire weights stick properly to the ceramic coated wheel? 2. Can the instillation of the tire cause scratching to the coating. Thanks, JC
  17. So after picking up the wheel coating kit, doing my friends wheels, then mine, I figured ah hell, I'm going to do my bike and car with it! Bike is matte gray/black, and being over 2 years old now, it's got its scuffs and daily driver wounds so I figured the harder coating will protect it better. I'm not concerned about the hydrophobic properties as I try to avoid riding in the rain and it's not like I have that much to dry off after a wash. The car on the other hand I recently wrapped with 3m 1080 matte gray vinyl, and from it being a few weeks old I noticed some water spotting at times, the
  18. Hello fellow enthusiasts! My name is Jim and I work for Grabiak Performance Center in New Alexandria, PA! I had the pleasure of meeting adam at our spring expo and have been using his products ever since and also selling the products. Just ceramic coated my wheels last night and they turned out amazing!
  19. So, it's time to do a full detail the boy's '07 Xterra (Off Road). Of course, it's his daily, sits outside all the time, but it is dark grey and shows well when all "done up." But since he no longer lives at home, his wash routine is...lacking...to say the least. And he rightfully loves to enjoy the back roads of Colorado, often taking it off-roading, fishing, camping, skiing, etc. So it's generally dirty, and he admittedly likes it that way. Bottom line, though, it needs protection from just about everything out there. My question: do I invest in coatings? I have polishes and sealant on h
  20. This is probably a basic question but I have a gloss black 2017 Camaro 2SS with clear coat already applied by Chevy Dealer. I'm having a custom shop put matte black racing stripes on it as well as some pretty sport metallic red stripes. I know that Ceramic can alter the color of matte, make it glossy but my question is: Do I have my detail guy put the stripe on first or should I have them apply ceramic over the existing clear coat and then place the stripe? I want to do this right!
  21. Im getting new wheels and i already have the adams ceramic coating kit. I seen others talk about coating thier wheels and it seems like a great idea however, in the video he talks about it getting sticky and using boost every now and then. Im thinking sticky coating and break dust would be a nightmare. Is this a thing or is it just using the boost after first application and then the stickyness dosnt return? Thanks,
  22. I just did a 2 stage paint correction and machine polish using all Adam's products followed by application of the new Ceramic Coating. I previously had applied CQuartz UK about a year ago and was very happy (been using Cquartz for about 4 years), but now that Adam's has a coating I thought I would give it a try! I can't speak to any of the water repellent or longevity properties over CQuartz yet as I have literally had it on the car for less than 2 hours. But, I can speak to the application process. So far I am in love with new ceramic coating. The application process was so much easier an
  23. Does anyone know if you can put a ceramic coating over a clear bra of any type? Was thinking about getting the front end of my car wrapped but want to put a ceramic coating on the rest of the car.
  24. Can someone please give some advise on best practices for the new Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating? I want to specifically know how to address vinyl stripes. Can this coating be applied over the top of vinyl stripes? What about matte vinyl stripes? Also, what areas should I tape off to avoid potential issues (e.g. plastic trim, window seals, etc)? Thanks, Jeff
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