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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I have Carbon Fiber spears on my hood, and when after I wash it and dry with either detail spray or H20 Guard & Gloss these spots still reappear. So with that, I know I need to probably clay it and then polish to fix it. Can anyone recommend Hand Revive Polish would work or do I need Correcting Polish. Post some pics to help, but the areas might be hard to see. Thanks for any help guys!
  2. I'm working on a metallic black Porsche. I've got some minor scratches on the hood that refuse to be polished out. The he most aggressive I've gotten is orange correcting polish with an orange foam pad with the SK set to 5. So do I go Microfiber pad with correcting polish or do I go to the next more aggressive polish and foam pad? I'm a novice at machine polishing so I'm a bit "clear coat" timid. Any direction will be much appreciated.
  3. I have immediately put the Swirl Killer I received to good use. My parents have always said that I do the best detail work (they may be a little partial I know). I decided to help me Father yesterday and polish the side of his truck he wasn't happy with. I brought my Flex and my Swirl Killer with me to his place. I showed him the difference between the two machines and how one is for HEAVY cutting and the other machine is for super smooth and easy polishing (SK). He decided to break out some 2000 grit sandpaper and use it on some really bad paint touch-ups that the previous owner slapped on th
  4. I arrived home after a 2 hour drive, and found what looked like a chemical drip stain on the driver side front fender panel. I tried a quick hit with detail spray...nothing. Then spent a sleepless 4 nights until I got back to my garage to fix the problem. Then went down the "Progressive Aggression Protocol"... 1. Revive by Hand...Nada 2. Revive with Swirl Killer...Orange Pad...Nada 3. Strip washed the area. 4. Clayed the area 5. Swirl Killer/Orange Pad/Correcting Polish... Had to go over it 3 times to get all of it gone. BUT...It's Gone! 6. SK/White Pad/Finishing Polish
  5. Hello, today I tried fixing up some paint on my girlfriends car with my new PC 7424xp. It was only my second time using it and I'm decently happy with the results, but I know the could be better. I used as mentioned m,y new PC, I had to use the stock pad it comes with because i was accidentally sent the 6" pad instead of the 5", and Adam's Correcting Polish. Firstly I started it with some waterless wash because it was just the top of the trunk, followed by a Clay Bar. Before once cleaned: Then the fun began experimenting with the Polisher. The first thing I noticed is there was a
  6. What are the scenarios for determining what speed setting to use on the Swirl Killer?
  7. "I asked you to get distilled water. This is purified water." "What's the difference?" "One is purified and one is distilled. I need distilled." "Oh, brother."
  8. The father-in-law came by this morning while I was polishing the Rocket. He asked me, "Do you know what you're doing with that thing?" I wiped off the polish and had him look at my 5.5 year old, 55,000 mile, factory paint. I love it when people answer their own questions.
  9. Hello everyone. I am newer to this forum and I finally have most of my products in now. (search in the unboxing section) I need some help trying to find the best solution to "hold the issue at bay" (for as long as possible) until I can work up enough funding to pay for a complete respray of the ENTIRE jeep (this solution needs to last 18 mon to 2 years (with additional reapplications, of course)). Backstory... I have an older jeep cherokee with clear coat failure on the hood, wheel well covers and roof. I have a picture of the hood below where the left side up to the center
  10. Hey everyone, I have a customer who has a 1960~ mustang with NO clear coat. I was wondering how I would go about polishing/waxing this. He is not sure if it supposed to be a matter or shiny finish either. ANY help would be great. Pictures are attached.
  11. I couldn't find any discussions on how to clean microfiber pads in the videos or on the forum. Is the process the same as with the foam pads: rinse out with warm water and APC? Do the threads regain the softness they had when brand new?
  12. Hello All, After receiving my first set of Adam's orders over the past few weeks, I decided that it was warm enough to attempt a Full Facemelter on my new (to me) BMW 335i. I have some before, during, and after photos. (not many as it was getting dark the first day early) This was before I started, but after I did a quick polish and sealant after I got it home. The same goes for the interior. Just showed the state between what was done prior to my ownership on the passenger seat and what Adam's products can do on the driver side and console. Wheels before and dur
  13. Adam and I took a few hours out of the day today to head to Purifoy Chevrolet here in Colorado for a quick shoot on a few products. They had EIGHT C7's in the showroom so we inevitably flooded the place with drool. Here are some still shots from the shoot. Enjoy! :-)
  14. Hi All, I just purchased a brand spanking new Audi R8 in pearl black (and yes, i know black is a labor of love). I don't know what kind of paint Audi is using in 2014 but that clear coat seems to scratch even if you just rub a towel across it (and i'm not kidding). The other day i got the car detailed and afterwords i noticed that there were micro scratches in the paint finish at the rear of the car...you know, those ones you can see if you shine direct light on the car. I also noticed that the rear brake lights had some scratches in them. That guy who detailed the car used an u
  15. Good Morning! Long time no talk! With all the great car shows I have been working, I have taken a bit of a break from detailing, but plan to get back full speed next week! I polished this baby back from the dead about a month ago now. It was pretty horrid in the before pics. Lots of stuff needed some love. I did the works here. Interior, Exterior, Engine, Clay, Paint Correction and Polish, Wheels and Tires...ALL OF IT! I will let the pictures speak for themselves on this one. I think I got it back to better than ok! Thanks! Mook Adam's Detailing Studio
  16. so i'm looking into getting a polisher and i'm thinking about getting a porter cable since i'm new to machine polishing. but i had a question about the cutting power of a pc with the microfiber pads. i know the microfiber pads have more cutting ability than the foam pads, but how does the pc with microfiber pads compare to lets say a flex with foam pads? i know you can get faster results with the flex, but can you achieve a similar level of correction?
  17. Well Hello There! I had this customer of the Warehouse come to me a few weeks back. He is a Volunteer for the local Fire Dept., and maintains all their stuff there...converting to Adam's one step at a time. His mother, works north of here, and was unfortunate enough to get her car splattered with the overspray of a local baseball field's freshly painted Yellow Foul Poles. This stuff was the worst I have seen. It was all over everywhere, the paint, the glass, the plastic trim...and heavy. I knew this was going to be a nice challenge for me, let alone, the few places I need to correct t
  18. I would like to thank the Camaro Club of the Rockies for coming out again this year! It was great seeing everyone again, and seeing the progress on all your cars! Please enjoy these pictures from that day. Thanks Again! Mook
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