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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, I went to go use my VRT for the first time in a month or so and noticed it had considerably thinned out (and separated, but that resolved by just shaking as always). No matter how much I shake it, it still won't return to its normal viscosity. It's about as viscous as detail spray now (pretty close to water). The thinning out itself doesn't bother me, but now the sheen does not last as long on my tires (only about 2 days now) and there's considerable sling. Does anybody have experience with this happening and, if so, how did you fix it? Or, if this isn't normal, do you think Adam's wi
  2. I gotta say holy wow the shine is impressive. Hopefully tomorrow I win that award for best Camaro. You guys can see if I will here if you want https://www.youtube.com/zoutlawss Products used Buttery wax Brilliant Glaze VRT Adams Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Adams Window Cleaner Adams Undercarriage Spray Adams In & Out Spray Patriot Wax about a month ago I'll have it up on Tuesday
  3. Finally got to try the black trim restorer kit. My running boards were looking terrible. Wanted to see how it compares to vrt for color so here's some before and afters. Pre cleaning (naked right, just trc left): Just vrt no trc Trc then vrt (did not get grooves) After trim restorer (trc, coating prep, restorer) In person the trim restorer look like a deeper black than vrt, personally I'm extremely happy with the results, can't wait to get to the rest of the trim on other side and bumper Nastyness
  4. All I can say is wow I get more compliments on the shine using Adams than I have ever had using other people products. Patriot Wax and Brilliant Glaze is definetly something you want to use if you are putting your car into shows. Detail spray is by far my favorite for last minute touch ups. Love the VRT as well. You would think I am addicted to Adams. My garage is full of Adams, my trunk,my desk and my nightstand by my bed. Thanks Adam for a great addiction
  5. I have 2 waterless wash, 2 detail sprays, car shampoo, strip wash, VRT, rinseless wash. All full except a splash of the rindless I used for something. ALSO HAVE 75% BOTTLE OF REVIVE HAND POLISH. looking for waterless wash towels (with blue end) , utility towels, , brushes, accessories really. But feel free to offer me anything. Thanks ??.
  6. My wife's Q5 is only around 6 months old but this is the first time the engine bay has received any attention. Cleaned the engine bay with a RW/CS mixture, wheel brush and lug nut brush. Once dry I applied VRT and was extremely happy with the results. This stuff is awesome!
  7. not sure if i have this in the appropriate part of the forum, but here i go. i have a 22' vinyl banner mounted on my building. gets direct sun almost all day. is vrt something that can help protect it from fading? or has anyone even done something similar?
  8. Are Deep Wheel Cleaner and VRT safe to be used on/near dipped wheels (Halo EFX)? Any recommendations on care of dipped wheels with other Adams products? Thanks in advance. Lenny
  9. So I spent a good 6 hours yesterday correcting the paint on my '09 CTS-V. I finished off yesterday with a coat of machine super wax so that I could let it sit for a day and knock out the glaze and americana early this morning. I woke up early, went out to the garage and grabbed my "glaze" and did the entire car. After I finished I started wiping it off...only it wasnt coming off that easily. I grabbed the bottle to read the directions about wait time and thats when i realized it......I just used Super VRT on my ENTIRE car!!! S.O.B. It took a little more arm strength but I got most of it off. S
  10. Anybody ever notice a correlation between cleaning and dressing your tires, and cracking? Just curious as I was reading this article and it mentioned cleaning your tires excessively can remove anti oxidants and anti ozone protection and cause cracking.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm new here and to online forums in general so I'm not sure if someone has posted this before but I was just freezing my butt off in the cold looking at the window trim of my truck thinking how I'm going to tackle applying VRT to the trim without smearing it all over the paint and the window. I do believe this idea may be Nobel prize winning. Use foam paint brushes. They come in many sizes and allow you to apply the VRT cleanly. They also help with applying it to the running boards on my truck as the surface curls back up under the rockers. The only drawback to usin
  12. A few fresh shots of a Maserati Merak engine bay, 1979. Done with Undercarriage spray on the sub frames, and inner wheel wheels, VRT on most hoses, In Out Spray for areas that cant be reached. Heat shields are still not reattched.
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