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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, i left some of the Adam’s wheel cleaner on my freshly painted wheels accidentally and there are stains that I can’t seem to get out now. Any ideas on how I can remove these? Pic 1 in Google Drive Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 These are alloy wheels with a duplicolor metallic wheel coating and clear coat. Dupli-Color HWP103 Clear Dupli-Color EHWP10107 Wheel coating
  2. Hey all, I hope everyone has been doing well and staying safe for the past few months! I've been taking the time to work hard on video content for my channel and I've made a few posts using Adams products. I recently purchased a new set of five wheels for my Jeep and took the liberty of using Adams Polishes UV Ceramic Wheel Coating and made a video going over the details, unboxing it, and applying it both in the daytime and at night to really show off how well the UV additive works to show where the coating has been applied. I'll be honest, the results on camera look 10X better than I could have imagined! I'm sure there may be other videos or writeups, but I put mine out there for anyone looking for more content. I really do appreciate any feedback or criticism if anyone has it. Otherwise, if you have the time and were able to watch it, I can't thank you enough! 😁
  3. Moderators, sorry if I'm in the wrong area... I didnt say a word about this cause I am mortified. I had a guy valet my car at my previous job before I had my garage barcode access. Then I found curb rash. UGH. My dealership fixes rash on certain days with an outside source... while thats all good, and my guys are #1... its a little inconvenient and the price has jumped a bit per wheel. ANYWAY.. they fixed my wheel, and not even 4 days later it was my turn. WHACKED IT at my aunt's house on her high curbs. I literally almost puked. same wheel. Can you even believe it? SO... I am in Southern NJ, 15 minutes from PHILA> i KNOW I can search on my own via google, but just wanted to reach out here first to see if anyone near me could refer a knock-out place that may even come to me. (not required, though).. See the devastation in my pics... (insert BARF face here.) V Sigh.
  4. So like most everyone else on here, ive had to switch to the new blue wheel cleaner. I had a lot of the pink gallons so i used those up and switched to blue towards the end of last year, since doing so my wheels have now been developing deposits of brake dust inside the barrels from rotor evacuation and in the corners of the spokes from rotation. Granted i run aggressive pads on track that dust heavily, ive never had this issue with the pink stuff and now i cant get it off of the wheels. Ive let it soak in the corners and gone at it with brushes, tooth brushes etc. The before picture is average dust coverage, the after picture is after a full cleaning with scrubbing in the corners and barrels. Any ideas? Before: After:
  5. So yesterday I used the Wheel Cleaner for the first time ever. And wow does that stuff clean. The worst part about cleaning my car is my wheels in my opinion. I hate bending to clean them, I usually start strong and by my 3rd wheel I'm done, so imagine my surprise when I sprayed a few squirts on the wheels, waited a few minutes and then sprayed them off. Now albeit they came out great there were a few spots that needed perhaps a little more elbow grease (considering I didn't apply any effort except the spray) I'd say overall it did great work. I will say it doesn't smell good but it work really great. My only issue is that it does take a decent amount of squirts per wheel. I used a brand new bottle and after I finished I ended up with liquid that lined up a little higher than the label.
  6. I wanted to make a wheel shield to help keep the Tire Shine over-spray off my wheels seeing as I have low-profile tires. I got inspiration from Dan (TheWolf), but I wanted to make something hands-free so it would be easier to apply Tire Shine. I bought a thin sheet of rubber, measured and cut out the size of my wheel: I got a rubber seal strip with a lip so it could wedge between the wheel and the tire: I cut out some triangle pieces so the rubber would bend and adhere easier around the edge of the circle: I cut another piece of rubber to go under the tire and prevent any over-spray on the floor: I'm very happy with the result, but even happier that I don't have to clean up the mess on the wheels left by over-spray!
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