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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, i left some of the Adam’s wheel cleaner on my freshly painted wheels accidentally and there are stains that I can’t seem to get out now. Any ideas on how I can remove these? Pic 1 in Google Drive Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 These are alloy wheels with a duplicolor metallic wheel coating and clear coat. Dupli-Color HWP103 Clear Dupli-Color EHWP10107 Wheel coating
  2. I didn’t realize I was causing a problem till it was already a problem. I have gloss black wheels and use wheel woolies to clean the barrel and such. The handles of the wheel woolly has left small but noticeable marks on the paint and they don’t come off with normal washing. Would you happen to know how to get the marks off the wheel or have some suggestions to try? Thanks Gabe
  3. I am getting a new set of wheels and I want to coat them. I was just wondering if it ok to coat them before having the tires put on them? 1. Will the tire weights stick properly to the ceramic coated wheel? 2. Can the instillation of the tire cause scratching to the coating. Thanks, JC
  4. Hello all, Ive been regularly checking and reading forums on here but I decided it was time to do my first post. A couple months ago I got my summer Rims/Wheels powder coated a gloss black. The main thing I have noticed is if you touch them at all it shows every detail/mark of your fingerprints, etc. As a solution I was wondering if applying LPS with a utility towel would suffice to help keep everything clean, and offer a bit of protection? Thanks in advance!
  5. Im getting new wheels and i already have the adams ceramic coating kit. I seen others talk about coating thier wheels and it seems like a great idea however, in the video he talks about it getting sticky and using boost every now and then. Im thinking sticky coating and break dust would be a nightmare. Is this a thing or is it just using the boost after first application and then the stickyness dosnt return? Thanks,
  6. Greetings Adams Team, I am writing to clarify instructions on the use of the new deep wheel cleaner. I just cleaned my rims for the first time with this product and noticed that the cleaner left streaks of a blue residue i cannot get off. The instructions on the bottle do not specify the maximum time you can leave the cleaner on, but it was only for about 1-2 minutes before washing / rinsing off. Any ideas on what to do here? I can post pictures if needed. They are aluminum alloy wheels with a clear coat. This is the first and only time I have ever had trouble with one of your products. Thanks in advance, Jason
  7. Are Deep Wheel Cleaner and VRT safe to be used on/near dipped wheels (Halo EFX)? Any recommendations on care of dipped wheels with other Adams products? Thanks in advance. Lenny
  8. Here are the results of my new tire shine and DWC. LOVE IT. It looks AWESOME!!!!!! Here are the before and after photos. (not perfect but I was only dedicating 2 hrs to the whole car) DWC is the ONLY product I have found that cuts BMW aggressive break pad dust with just one/two applications (and wheel woolie/utility towel to clean up the residuals). I am COMPLETELY SOLD on DWC and Tire Shine. Green wheel cleaner, Simple Green, Dawn, etc. can't even begin to hold a match to the fury of that which is Deep Wheel Cleaner!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work Adam's Polishes!
  9. So I know the wheels on my 2011 Silverado are chrome clad. I have seen the back of the wheels and I can clearly see that it is a chrome plated piece epoxied to the wheel structure. And from what I have read on here and on other forums, chrome is not clear coated. Does this also go for chrome clad wheels? I can see the clear coating chipping where the balancing weights go on the bead of the rim, but I cant tell if the actual chrome piece is cleared. Chrome plating is chrome plating no matter what it is on, right? Steel bumper or plastic grill, it is still chrome. Does this make sense? NOW, how do I polish these wheels? I got some QS the other day and I want to put them on my wheels, but I would like to get them as clean and shiny as possible. Thanks!
  10. Hey everybody, I wanted to share my first experience using Adam's Quick Sealant while detailing my fianaces 09 MB ML63 AMG. I put a set of 22' HRE Wheels in Satin Black on them about 8 months ago and they have slowly become somewhat dull and faded. I assumed it was due to just wear and tear as it's now her daily driver. I also wasn't sure if the fading was due to a series of wheel cleaners that I've used although all of them stated on the label they were safe for this type of finish. Anyhow, I do have an arsenal of detailing items including Adams Machine Super Sealant and now Adam's Paint Sealant. When I bought the Paint Sealant I opted to buy the Quick Sealant for areas I couldn't reach with the others. So, here's a before picture of one of the wheels that I just cleaned and dried. There's an overcast outside so the picture may not show the true dullness of the wheel. After pic without using applicator: If you look close enough you can see where I missed some of the wheel with the Quick Sealant to get an idea of the before/dullness. After using Adam's Hex applicator to work it into the wheel: Needless to say, I'm super happy with the end result. Again, with my iPhone on an overcast days the pictures don't really show the true before and after. I'm hoping it holds up but I suppose only time will tell.
  11. I have been using diluted GWC for several years on my personal vehicles. They never get too 'dusty' and we do not have high performance pads. My son is home for Thanksgiving and I decided to see how well diluted GWC would work on wheels that rarely get cleaned, The befores: First the tools: I sprayed the wheel wells with diluted APC (50/50), the tires with full strength APC, and the wheels with diluted GWC. I cleaned the wells first, then the tires, and the wheels last, so they sat the longest. I did the lug nuts with the Trim & Lug Nut Brush, then face of the wheel with the 'old' Wheel Brush. Next in between the spokes 2 times with the Wheel Brush. I finished up with the small Wheel Woolie on the corner of each spoke. Finally I hit the raised 'stamp' with a shot of APC and the lug nut brush again. Not too bad! Just wanted to show everyone what can be done with even diluted GWC. I used to dllute it 50/50, but the Adam's Team recommended a 60/40 (GWC to water) concentration as the minimum.
  12. Here are the results of my new tire shine and DWC. LOVE IT. It looks AWESOME!!!!!! Here are the before and after photos. (not perfect but I was only dedicating 2 hrs to the whole car) DWC is the ONLY product I have found that cuts BMW aggressive break pad dust with just one/two applications (and wheel woolie/utility towel to clean up the residuals). I can't see myself using anything other than DWC on my wheels. Simple green, green wheel cleaner, dawn, etc. can't hold a match to the fury of that which is Deep Wheel Cleaner. It is just AWESOME!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work Adam's Polishes!
  13. Hey guys, as you can see from the picture, i cannot seem to fully clean the undercarriage even after I have washed it car using APC and the undercarriage brush. I have washed this car at least 4 times now, and every time it dries, I still see heavy dirt marks, as though brushing and cleaning had any little or no effect on it. Am i doing something wrong? Do i need to do multiple wash to get this off? I'm trying not to waste/use up too much APC. Maybe the APC isn't strong enough? I do have it set on foaming. Any other products I could use to clean this off at one wash? Any advise or help is greatly appreciated. Mahalo, Ryan
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